Albert McDonald "Buster" Keeney
Geraldine Kincaid
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Most of the material on these Keeney pages
is taken directly from the excellent work of
Roscoe C. Keeney
in his 2,597 Keeney Relatives and its related after-followings.

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The updating of the numbering system used on this page has been completed. Generation 28 is my own;
27 is that of my parents; 29 is that of my children, etc.  --   John M. Gwin, May 2009

The reformatting of the name font and census data for this page has NOT been completed. --John M. Gwin, Aug 2011

[John M. Gwin Note:  One of those above-mentioned related after-followings, a special issue of the Keeney Update, March 1987, includes a preface which numbers the generations beginning in America.  The first ancestor mentioned in that preface is unnumbered, so I originally gave it a negative 1 numbering here. However, in early 2009, I renumbered all my pages, using my generation arbitrarily as number 28, my children's as 29, my parents' as 27, etc. Therefore, Sir Thomas Keney, below, who for years was numbered -1.00, is now generation 17.]

17.00--Sir Thomas Keney (sic), b. 1578, Norfolk, England; d. in New London, CT;

18.00--John Keeney, b. 1600, Norfolk, England; d. 1622 Salem, MA; m. Sarah Cheever (1621-1674)

19.00--Henry Keeney, b. 8 Jul 1623 in England; d. 6 Jun 1710; m. Ann Putnam;

20.00--John Keeney, b. ca.1651-2; d. 1718 Lynn, MA; m. Elizabeth Locke;

21.00--John Keeney, b. 15 Aug 1689, New London, CT; d. unk.; m. Mary Smith;

22.00--David Keeney;  m. Martha (nee unk.) (b. 12 Mar 1714; moved to Greenbrier Co., VA, in 1756;

23.00--Moses Keeney, b. 1766 in Greenbrier Co., WV; d. about 1840 in Kanawha Co.; m. 11 Aug 1789 in  Greenbrier Co. to Frances Harris10 children

24.09--Stires Jade Keeney, b. 1813 in Greenbrier Co.; moved to Cabin Creek, Kanawha Co., as a boy with his father, Moses; d. in 1876 at age 63; m1. Amelia P. (Milly) Gatewood (25 Jan 1813-10 Jul 1860), 11 children; m2. Cynthia Hudnall White (b. 1818), d. after 1880 census; no ch. by SJK;
25.09--John S. Keeney, b. 9 May 1849 at Fairview, WV,  on Cabin Creek; d. 22 Dec 1932 at Witcher, WV; m. 16 Nov 1871 to Hannah Catherine Frazee (b. 6 Aug 1853, in Greenup Co., KY; d. 1944); 13 children; 71 grandchildren!

John S. Keeney Family of Witcher, WV, ca. 1906.
Front, seated, l-r:  John S., Catherine, Uri, Mack; standing, l-r:
Flem, Nick, Ebon, Katie, Fannie, Bob, Dan, Roscoe, Walter,
and Johnny; absent; Daisy (firstborn, 1872; d. 1874).
26.01--Daisy May Keeney--------------------(1872-1874)--age 1.5--0 children

26.02--Urias Zara "Urie" Keeney
----------(1874-1928)--age 54--3 children

McDonald "Mack" Keeney
---------------(1877-1938)--age 60--7 children--b. 28 July 1877; d. 16 May 1938 at Witcher, WV; carpenter, contractor, homebuilder, husband, father ("Daddy Mack"); m. Mamie Chloe Stanley
; (b. 8 Sept 1879--age 7 months in the 1880 Kanawha County census--in Nicholas Co., WV; d/o George Washington Stanley and Fannie Young Stanley; d. 30 Oct 1957 at Witcher;) 7 children;  22 grandchildren;

Mack and Mamie's seven kids:  L-R, Back Row:  Bus, 3rd base; George, 1st base; Milly, left field; Middle Row: Maxine, shortstop; Hannah, 2nd base; Dot, center field; Front: Bennie, right field.  Absent when picture was taken, having moved up to the Majors and currently playing with the East Gate Angels: Mack and Mamie, catcher and pitcher, respectively.  Now Maxine, Hannah, Bennie, Dot, Buster, George, and finally Milly have also received their respective calls.

27.01--Maxine Stanley Keeney,
27.02--Hannah Margaret Keeney,
27.03--Dorothy Lee Keeney,
27.04--Mildred Agnes Keeney,
27.05--Albert McDonald "Buster" Keeney,
27.06--Helen Pauline "Bennie" Keeney,
27.07--George McClure Keeney,
26.04--Nick Burks Keeney-----------------------------------------(1878-1951)--age 73--11 children
26.05--Flem Davis Keeney---------------------------------------(1879-1965)--age 86--7 children
26.06--Roscoe Conkling Keeney, Sr.------------------------(1882-1969)--age 87--8 children
26.07--Daniel Webster "Dan" Keeney-----------------------(1884-1973)--age 88--5 children
26.08--John S. "Johnny" Keeney, Jr.----------------------------(1886-1961)--age 75--5 children
26.09--Walter Henson Keeney, Sr.----------------------------------(1888-1957)--age 68--7 children
26.10--Hannah Catherine "Katie" Keeney--------------------(1890-1962)--age 72--8 children
26.11--Frances Holt "Fanny" Keeney------------------------------(1892-1963)--age 71--6 children
26.12--Ebon Oakes Keeney---------------------------------------- ---------(1894-1976)--age 82--0 children
26.13--Robert H. "Bob" Keeney-------------------- -          ------------(1896-1982)--age 86--4 children
13 children; family is pictured below about 1905

Meet the family of Buster and Phyllis!

27.05--Albert McDonald ("Buster" or "Bus") Keeney, b. 3 Jun 1918; d. 13 Apr 2008 in Belle, WV; bd. unk.; m1. Geraldine Kincaid of Witcher in Sep 1938--marriage dissolved after Bus returned from WW2--no children; m2. 19 Jan 1947 to Phyllis Eileen Caldwell (b. 20 Apr 1922, Bomont, Clay Co., WV);  3 children; div.; m3. 19 Jun 1970 to Juanita Marshall Lewis (b. 28 Jul 1924);

At a Keeney Reunion, 2000 Orchard Ave.

Roscoe emcees the Keeney Reunion at 2000 Orchard--early 1970's?
Bus at center

l-r:  Juanita, Mack, Joe, Bus, Becky Lou, in the living room at 7 Keiffer, Christmas 1995

The Survivors:  Buster, Milly, and George all came to the memorial service for Dot on 11 June 2005 at Highlawn Baptist Church in St. Albans, WV. 

George McDonald "Mack" Keeney, [PRIVATE] div.; m1. Bonnie (nee unk.) m2. Teresa Gail Ball
  [PRIVATE] div.

Mack and Becky Lou, early 1950's, at 409 Main Street, Belle

Teresa and Mack share family dinner at 409 Main with (clockwise from behind Teresa)
Charity Gwin, Stan and Frances Hamrick, George Keeney,
and John Gwin, and Frankie Keeney

More of the same crowd, different angle

28.02--Rebecca Louise "Becky Lou" Keeney, facebook [PRIVATE] m. Amon Letch Samples  [PRIVATE]; 3 ch;

Milly, Bus, and Dot at 7 Keiffer with Becky, Amon, and an unidentified youngster

Amon assists Adrian at 409 Main St. while Hannah and Dot watch from above.

Amon and Becky at the memorial service for their aunt, Dot Gwin, 11 June 2005, Highlawn Baptist Ch., St. Albans, WV

29.01--Amon Gregory "Greg" Samples facebook [PRIVATE]

Greg Samples

29.02--Shannon Elizabeth Samples [PRIVATE]

29.03--Mark Hunter Samples facebook [PRIVATE]

28.03--Joseph William "Joe Bill" Keeney, [PRIVATE]; m.  Deborah "Debbie" Pratt facebook [PRIVATE]; 2 ch.

Baby Joe at 409 Main St.

Buster tells Debbie another "tall tale" at a Keeney reunion ca. 1990 (George and Lynn Lee in background).

Jodi and Joe Bill hanging out--and hanging on!--together at the same reunion.

Joe and Mack at the memorial service for their aunt, Dot Gwin, 11 June 2005, Highlawn Baptist Ch., St. Albans, WV

29.01--Brian Joseph Keeney [PRIVATE]

29.02--Jodi Lynn Keeney facebook [PRIVATE]

Some of the family gathered at Highlawn Baptist Church in St. Albans on 11 June 2005 for Dot Gwin's memorial service. 
Front:  John Gwin, Lynn Lee Keeney Bright.  At tables: Juanita and Bus Keeney, Milly Keeney, George Keeney, Pat Gwin, Joe Keeney.
Standing: Amon Samples, Frankie Keeney, Becky Keeney Samples, David Smith, Jeannie Harless Smith, Suzanne Harless Gertz, Mary Harless Meadows,
Danny Keeney, Judy Metheny Lindley, Cathy Harless Norrell, Mack Keeney, Kevin Gertz, Lauren Gwin Spurlock, Courtney Gwin Schott, Kristen Gertz.