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The updating of the numbering system used on this page has been completed. Generation 28 is my own;
27 is that of my parents; 29 is that of my children, etc.  --   John M. Gwin, May 2009

Page updated 18 June 2009


When I first started this page
in December of 1999, most of the information I had was graciously provided by my wife's (nee Sharon Lynn Hamrick) fourth cousin, Ms. Tara Burnside Bunner, who has now displayed her bountiful collection at www.BurnsideGenealogy.com.

In 2009, more data [in this blue color] was added which was taken from the book, Paxtons from West Virginia, 1820-1977, by my first cousin-once-removed
Roscoe Conkling Keeney, Jr., (still living in Charleston, WV, as of Jun 2009), who acknowledged and thanked by name over two dozen "Paxton and Paxton relatives who went out of their way to offer information and advice on this publication. Special thanks is given to Lyda Withrow Turner, a first cousin, who...collected a great deal of material."

[Tara Bunner Note: First of all, our name spellings are different.  I have my great-aunt's name as Malinda Rena Burnside. According to Rebecca Moore, who is also working on this family, her name is Rene Malinda. I also have a note that she "was known as Rena, married and moved to Clay Co." The information I have is from the West Virginia University Library genealogy floor and records and also some came from family group sheets submitted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints headquartered in Salt Lake City where they have extensive genealogical information from all over the world. Let me know where you got your spelling--maybe yours is first hand and more accurate! I'd be interested to know.]

An Outline of the Known Family

18.00--Before the mid 1600's the Burnsides were probably from the Wallace family who came to Ireland from Scotland.

19.00--(possibly) Samuel Burnside

20.00--Robert Burnside (may have been the son of Samuel Burnside) b. 1656 in Ulster, Ireland.

21.00--James Burnside, Sr. , b. 1700 in Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland.

22.00--James Burnside, Jr., b. 1727 in Union, Monroe Co., VA; m. unk.;
23.00--George Alexander Burnside, b. 1764 in Augusta, VA; d. after 1853 in Monroe Co., VA; m1. 14 Jun 1812 in Monroe Co., VA, to Margaret C. "Peggy" Garner (b. 20 Mar 1794, Monroe Co., VA; d. 11 Feb 1835 in Monroe Co., VA); 7 of 17 ch. ; m2. Julianna (Julia A.) Woodrum (b. 28 Dec 1809 in Monroe Co., VA {d/o Richard Woodrum and Rhoda Bird}; d. 2 Apr 1860 in Fayette Co., VA.); 10 of 17 ch.
24.01--Henderson B. Burnside, b. 31 Aug 1813, Union, Monroe Co., VA; d. unk., but allegedly on the same day as his brother William; bd. in TX?; m. 4 Jan 1836 to Lucinda Holstine (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

24.02--William M. Burnside, b. 10 Dec 1815, Union, Monroe Co., VA; d. unk., but allegedly on the same day as his brother Henderson; bd. in TX?; m. unk. date/place to Melvina Alexander (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

24.03--Martha W. Burnside, b. 10 Jun 1818, Union, Monroe Co., VA

24.04--Nancy C. Burnside, b. 26 Feb 1821, Union, Monroe Co., VA

24.05--Anderson (Andrew) Smith Burnside, b. 15 Sep 1823, Union, Monroe Co., VA

24.06--Phoebe J. Burnside, b. 11 Jun 1827, Union, Monroe Co., VA

24.07--Mary Ann Burnside, b. 23 Mar 1830, Union, Monroe Co., VA

GAB m2. to

24.08--George Alexander Burnside, b. 21 Oct 1836, Union, Monroe Co., VA

24.09--John M. Burnside, b. 1 Mar 1838, Union, Mercer Co., VA

10--Rhoda E. Burnside, b. 19 Jan 1840, Union, Fayette Co., VA

11--Isaac G. Burnside, b. 27 Sep 1842, Union, Fayette Co., VA

12--Isabelle Burnside, b. 1843, Union, Mercer Co., VA

13--Harrison L. Burnside, b. 19 Aug 1844, Union, Fayette Co., VA

24.14--Richard I. Burnside, b. 27 Mar 1846, Monroe Co., VA;  d. ; m.
25.01--William H. Burnside, b. 1870, WV;

02--John Burnside, b. 1872, WV;
25.03--Charles Hale Burnside, b. 7 Jun 1874 in Oak Hill, Fayette Co., WV;  d. 11 Nov 1953; bd. Weeks Cem., Bridgeport, OH; m. 16 Mar 1896 in Fayette Co., WV, to Mary Ann Brown (b. 2 Feb 1879 in London, Eng.; d. 2 Jan 1974 in Chester, Hancock Co., WV; bd. Weeks Cem., Bridgeport, OH); at least one ch.
26.01--John Burnside; d. in infancy

02--Caroline Alena Burnside; d. in infancy

03--David Ervin Burnside, b. 16 Sep 1898, Richwood, WV; d. 28 Jun 1987 in Bainbridge, GA; bd. Rose Lawn Memory Gardens, Bainbridge, GA; m. bef. 1934 to Edna Pearl Brocious (Procious?, b. 31 Oct 1903 in Washington Co., PA; d. unk.; bd. unk.); at least 4 ch.

26.01--David Ervin Burnside, Jr.,  b. 23 Jan 1934 in Monongalia Co., WV
26.02--Madelyn Burnside,  b. unk.;
26.03--Delores Burnside,  b. unk.;
26.04--Eileen Burnside,  b. unk.;

04--Charles Leland Burnside, b. 14 Aug 1901, , Taylor Co., WV

05--James Clinton Burnside, b. 17 Jan 1904/1905, Bridgeport, Belmont Co., OH

06--Mary Ann Burnside, b. 1905

07--Gladys Ruth Burnside, b. 23 Dec 1908, Camore, Kanawha Co., WV

08--Wallace Alvin Burnside, b. 10 May 1910, Bridgeport, Belmont Co., OH

09--Paul Burnside, b. 12 May 1914, Bridgeport, Belmont Co., OH

10--William Hershell Burnside, b. 4 Mar 1915, Bridgeport, Belmont Co., OH

11--Arthur Udale Burnside, b. 14 Oct 1918, Bridgeport, Belmont Co., OH

0--(one of the eleven above--PRIVATE);  b. ; d. ; m.
27.00--(PRIVATE);  b. ; d. ; m.
28.00--Tara Burnside Bunner;  b. ; d. ; m. [John M. Gwin Note: Tara is 4th cousin to my wife, Sharon Gwin.]
25.04--Anna Burnside, b. 1875 in WV

05--Emery Burnside, b. Oct 1876, Sugar Branch, Fayette Co., WV

06--Alice Burnside, b. 1879, WV

07--Unk. Burnside, b. 1 Sep 1882, Sugar Creek, Fayette Co., WV

08--James Price Burnside, b. 17 Jul 1884

09--George P. Burnside, b. 20 Jul 1885, Fayetteville, Fayette Co., WV

10--Harry Burnside

11--Virgil Burnside

12--Mary Burnside

13--Ida Burnside, b. ca. 1883
24.15--Delila Melissa (Lila) Burnside, b. 11 Mar 1848, Union, Mercer Co., VA

16--Mary Melinda Burnside, b. 22 Feb 1851, Union, Mercer Co., VA

--Malinda Rena (Rena Malinda?) Burnside, b. 11/8 Apr/Dec 1853/1855, Union, Mercer Co., VA (but Roscoe C. Keeney reports: b. 8 Dec 1855 in Bethlehem, PA; d. 8 Jan 1942);  m. 27 Apr 1871 to Winfield Worthington "Worth" Paxton  (b. 1852 6 Oct 1853 in Craig Co., VA, s/o Abner Jehu Paxton and Hester Elmore; d. 17 Dec 1931; bd. Ivydale, Clay Co., WV); 9 ch.
25.01--Charles Abner Paxton b. 12 Jun 1872 at Ivydale; d. 6 Feb 1937 of pneumonia; m1. 1 Jan 1891 to Bertha Caroline Procious (b. Nov 1874, d/o Adam Procious and Belle Weaver); 8 children; m2. 23 Jul 1928 to Chessie Mae Loving Nicholas (); [John M. Gwin Note: Tara has the following as children of Charles Abner Paxton. Roscoe as them as Charles A.'s siblings, below. A little sleuthing in the censuses should straighten it out.]

26.01--Winifred Paxton, b. Nov 1891;
26.02--Lawrence Shelburn Paxton, b.
26.03--Riley Leonard Paxton, b.
26.04--William W. Paxton, b.
26.05--Oscar W. Paxton, b.

26.06--Dorothy Belle "Mom" Paxton, b. 3 Apr 1900; d. ; m1. 1 Sep 1917 to Ona Byrne "Onie" (say /OH-knee/), "Big Daddy" Hamrick (b. 4 Jun 1899 in Clay Co., WV; d. 22 Aug 1953; bd. Cunningham Mem. Park, St. Albans, WV; ); 4 ch.; m2. aft. 1953 to Alfred Gill (b. ; d. ; bd. )

27.03--Stanford Sherman Hamrick, b. ; d. May 2001; m1. unk.; no ch.; m2. Frances Marie Droddy (b. , {d/o Austin Bay Droddy and Maysel Belle Rhodes}; d. 9 Nov 1996; bd. Cunningham Mem. Cem., St. Albans, WV);
28.02--Sharon Lynn Hamrick, b. 28 Sep 1951 in So. Charleston, WV; m. 24 Jul 1976 in St. Albans, WV, to John M. Gwin (b. 29 Oct 1947 in Charleston, WV, s/o Adrian Sutton Gwin and Dorothy Lee Keeney) [John M. Gwin Note: Sharon is 4th cousin to Tara Bunner, above.]

1--Jeremiah "Jeremy" Scott Gwin, (PRIVATE); m. Kara Marie Douglas

29.02--Charity Elizabeth Gwin (PRIVATE); m. Beau Scott Pihlaja

30.01--Asher Samuel Ranjeev Pihlaja (PRIVATE)

3--Sarah Joy Gwin (PRIVATE); m. Jason Deane Johnson, Sr.
30.01--Jason Deane "J. D." Johnson, Jr. (PRIVATE)

30.02--Ryan Jonathan Johnson, (PRIVATE)

30.03--Tate Austin Johnson, (PRIVATE)

30.04--Zachary Jacob Johnson, (PRIVATE)

26.07--Rhoda Paxton, b. 25 Mar 1903;
26.08--Raymond Howard Paxton, b. 1 Apr 1904;
26.09--Roy William Paxton, b.
26.10--Gilbert J. C. Paxton, b. 5 Dec 1909;
26.11--Aubrey Leo Paxton, b. 1911 in McLean, VA;
26.12--Arlene Claire Paxton, b. 1916;
26.13--Charter Paxton, b.

25.02--Laura Bell Paxton, b. 12 Aug 1874; d. 28 Apr 1948; m. 10 Nov 1895 to Harry Bleakney (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.03--John Riley Paxton, b. 1877; d. 1952; [Tara Bunner Note: Rebecca Moore tells me that he was married twice.]; m1. Victoria Walker (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.04--Alonzo "Lonnie" Shelburn Paxton b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.; m. Nannie Walker (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.05--Robert Henry "Bob" Paxton , b. 1888; d. 1961; m. Estel Hart (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.06--Harrison Leonard "Clyde" Paxton, b. 14 Feb 1883; m1. Mary Sue Elmore; m2. Ollie Moore McKown on 28 Sep 1921; m3. Lora Hackney Jones in Apr 1952 (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.07--Barbara Ellen Paxton b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.; m. s (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.08--Bertha Harriett Paxton b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.; m. Mark Smarr (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

25.09--Jesse Howard Patterson Paxton b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.; m. Florina Hamrick (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.); unk. ch.

Some Pertinent Census Data

I am currently working on a webpage with all of the genealogy I have (except for living members), so I will let you know when I get that up and running. I am not a computer expert, but my daughter and husband are, so hopefully with their help it will be up within the month. [Now up: www.BurnsideGenealogy.com.]  Until then I will try to give you as much as I have time to give. Let me know what I have left out if you have it, too, please, and I will enter that into my webpage as well. In this way we can help others in our family who are looking for us and our ancestors. If you feel comfortable sending me your own genealogy that links up with Rena and Worth, I would gladly take that, too. You may be interested to know that there is a Burnside reunion held at Chestnut Ridge State Park outside of Morgantown, WV (my home town), every year on the Labor Day Weekend for the descendants of Charles Hale Burnside. I have yet to go because our family has moved to Wisconsin, and I have children in school during the week before Labor Day. Maybe this year I will make it anyway. I'm kind of the official genealogist for the family, so it would be nice to be there.
Happy hunting,
Tara Burnside Bunner