"Mary Rasco and Son" reads the handwritten entry on the index page of the photo album from which this picture (left) came.  The album belonged to Martha Rosanna Perkins Gwin HolleyBarbara Ward of Yuma, AZ, who descends through Martha, was given the album several years ago by another descendant, and she shares these pictures with us here at this site.  From evidence gathered so far, Barbara now believes that Martha Rosanna Perkins was born to Dr. Bennett Hamilton Perkins and Sardinia Zenobe Amoss about 1843 in Georgia-- possibly Troup Co. where Bennett and Sardinia were married or in Randolph Co. where they both lived in the 1850's,  but that for some as yet unknown reason,  she was "given" to a neighbor, Miss Mary B. Wilson to "raise".  Later, Mary Wilson married Isom Gwin, after which they evidently adopted Martha, thus becoming her new parents and adding the Gwin name. 

Mary B. Wilson Gwin had an uncle,  Ezekiel Burdine Wilson (brother to Mary's father, Nathaniel Burdine Wilson, through whom I, John Gwin, descend).  Ezekiel married Sarah Harrell Rasco, and it is believed to be their daughter,  MaryAnn Elizabeth Wilson (m. William Efrain Rasco) and grandson whom you see in this photo.

The Mary Rasco of the photo, then, would be first cousin to Martha (Perkins) Gwin's adopted mother, Mary B. Wilson.

(Picture on the right of a baby girl is still unidentified.)