Chief Powhatan?

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[John M. Gwin Note:  Hearsay dictates that this line is allegedly mine; however, I cannot prove anything beyond generation 23.  Princess Cleopatra is allegedly half-sister to Pocahontas.  Nothing beyond generation 23 is proven and must be taken as hearsay only.  I share it here to provide a basis for further research.]

16.00--Wahunsonacawh Powhatan, Chief, m. Winanuske Matatiske/Nonoma

17.00--Princess Cleopatra m. Opechancanough Powhatan, Chief

18.00--Princess Nicketti m. John Rice Hughes

19.00--Mary Elizabeth Hughes m. Nathaniel Davis

20.00--Mary Davis m. Samuel Burke, Sr.

21.00--Samuel Burke, Jr. m. Elizabeth (nee unk.)

22.00--Charles Burke m. Rebecca Baldwin


23.00--Elizabeth Burke m. Ransom Gabriel Gatewood (ca. 1772-1843)

24.00--Amelia "Milly" P. Gatewood m. Stires Jade Keeney

25.00--John Stires Keeney m. Hannah Catherine Frazee

26.03--McDonald Keeney m. Mamie Chloe Stanley

27.03--Dorothy Lee Keeney m. Adrian Sutton Gwin

28.01--John McDonald Gwin m. Sharon Lynn Hamrick

29.02--Charity Elizabeth Gwin m. Beau Scott Pihlaja

30.02--Cressida Noel Pihlaja, b. 11 Dec 2010

The following is from:, an excellent Rootsweb Page by Grant (grantpinnix at cs dot com).

8. Samuel Burks was born ABT 1680 in Hanover Co., VA, and died BEF 12 FEB 1756 in St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle Co., VA. He was the son of 16. Unplaced Burkes.

9. Mary Davis was born ABT 1682 in Albemarle Parish, VA, and died BEF 12 FEB 1756 in St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle Co., VA. She was the daughter of 18. Nathaniel Davis and 19. Mary Elizabeth Hughes[This is John Gwin's generation 19, above.]

Children of Mary Davis and Samuel Burks are:  [This is John Gwin's generation 20, above.]
4.   i. Samuel Burks was born ABT 1700. He married Elizabeth X 1725.9   [This is John Gwin's generation 21, above.]
    ii. Frances Burks was born ABT 1704. She married William Smith, son of ?XY... Smith. He was born ABT 1700.
    iii. Elizabeth Burks was born ABT 1705 in Albemarle Co., VA?, and died 21 SEP 1756 in VA. She married William Cabell , M.D. ABT 1724 in VA, son of Unplaced Cabells. He was born 1 MAR 1687 in Goochland Co., VA, and died 21 SEP 1756 in VA.
    iv. Mary Burks was born ABT 1709. She married Obediah Smith 23 APR 1744 in Goochland Co., VA, son of ?XY... Smith. He was born ABT 1705, and died in Chesterfield Co., VA.
    v. Richard Burks was born ABT 1713. He married Frances Horsley, daughter of Robert Horsley.
    vi. Charles Burks was born ABT 1715 in Amelia Co., VA, and died 1752 in Amherst Co., VA. He married Sarah Llewellyn, daughter of Unplaced Llewellyns. She was born ABT 1720.
    vii. John Peatree Burks was born ABT 1710 in New Kent Co., VA, and died 1773 in Bedford Co., VA. He married Sarah Isham???. She was born ABT 1715.