Ancestral and Extended Family
Jeramey James "Jay" Lopez


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Jay Lopez is a good friend and brother in Christ. He's interested in exploring his family further, and he asked me to post online the following work of his uncle, __________________, with which request I am honored to comply. It is his and my desire that other family members who can expand this information will e.mail him or me and contribute their material.

Neither of us can verify the accuracy of anything posted here. We present his uncle's work in good faith and invite readers to contact us with any additions, corrections, or other changes.

John M. Gwin --

From: "Jim Rogers" jamrogatwisewbdotcom
Date: February 25, 2007 10:01:19 AM MST
To: <>
Subject: Jay Lopez.

You will find extensive Rogers family information and photos on the tribal pages website, James Rogers.

1.0--John B. Rogers, b. 16 Jan 1813; d. unk.; m. Mary Ware (b. unk.); at least 1 ch.;
2.0--John Thomas Rogers, b. 13 Jun 1843; d. 1 May 1898; m. Nancy Hollingsworth (b. 20 Sep 1847; d. 1924); at least 1 ch.;
3.0--Isaac Newton Rogers, b. 7 Mar 1872; d. Sep 1924; m. Lulu Bell Cloud (b. 24 Oct 1882; d. 1 Jan1924); at least 1 ch.;
4.0--Herbert Luther Rogers, Sr., b. 8 Mar 1896; d. 7 Sep 1986; m. Sarah Bell Burks; 7 ch.;

2.0--Albert Burks, b. 14 Aug 1828; m. Mary Jane Wilson (b. 8 May 1833; d. Dec 1911); at least 1 ch.;

3.0--Joseph Glenn Burks, b. 29 Mar 1875; d. Dec 1952; m. Nancy Elizebeth Binion; at least 1 ch.;

2.0--Ruben Thomas Binion, b. 10 Ju 1830; m. Mahula Turner (b. unk.); at least 1 ch.;

3.0--Nancy Elizebeth Binion, b. 23 Aug 1880; d. 17 Mar 1956; m. Joseph Glenn Burks; at least 1 ch.;
4.0--Sarah Bell Burks, b. 22 Nov 1900; d. 17 Aug 1995; m. Herbert Luther Rogers, Sr.; 7 ch.;
5.1--Bruce Eldon Rogers, b. 24 Aug 1916; d. 1932, drowning accident; bd. unk.; m. probably never; no known ch.

5.2--Delphine Louise Rogers, b. 17 May 1919; d. 17 May 1972; bd. unk.; m. Leon Walter Myron (b. 20 Mar 1920; d. unk.); at least one ch.;

6.0--Pamela Suzanne Myron, PRIVATE; m. Dennis Patrick Beck, PRIVATE; at least 2 ch.;
7.1--Heather Anne Beck, PRIVATE; m. Albert Dahl, PRIVATE; at least one ch.;
8.1--Bradley Michael Dahl, PRIVATE;
7.2--Steven Michael Beck, PRIVATE; m. Darlene Presto, PRIVATE; at least one ch.;
8.1--Mikaela Nicolle Presto-Beck, PRIVATE;
5.3--Lynn Morris Rogers, b. 23 Nov 1920; d. unk.; bd. unk.; m1. Helen Kathleen Walsh (b. 23 Jul 1925; d. 17 Oct 2002); 3 ch. (4 tot.); m2. Sonya (nee unk.); 1 ch. (4 tot.)
6.1--Linda Kay Rogers, PRIVATE; m1. Dennis Paul Coile, PRIVATE; m2. Jesse Dales Rogers, PRIVATE;
7.1--Kelly Lynn Coile, PRIVATE; m. Greg Glen Lyles, PRIVATE;
8.1--Tammy Lynn Lyles, PRIVATE;
8.2--Amanda Kay Lyles, PRIVATE;
LKRogers m2. Jesse Dales Rogers, PRIVATE;
7.2--Jesse Lee Rogers, PRIVATE;
6.2--Shirley Ann Rogers, PRIVATE; m1. William Moore McClurg II, PRIVATE; m2. Robert "Bobby" Roach, PRIVATE;
7.1--Kim Kathleen McClurg, PRIVATE; m. Paul Ray Evans, PRIVATE;
8.1--Cody Ray Evans, PRIVATE;
8.2--Lacey Dawn Evans, PRIVATE;
7.2--William Moore McClurg III, PRIVATE; m. Misti Ironmunger, PRIVATE;
8.1--Kanda Sheree McClurg, PRIVATE;
8.2--Dustin Tye McClurg, PRIVATE;
SARogers m2. Robert "Bobby" Roach, PRIVATE;
7.3--Rachel Dawn Roach, PRIVATE; m. David Robert Lucero, PRIVATE;
8.1--Robert David Lucero, PRIVATE;
8.2--Lindsey Danae Lucero, PRIVATE;

6.3--William Morris "Billy" Rogers, b. 21 Mar 1947; d. 2 Aug 1983, age 36;

7.1--Shane Kent Rogers, PRIVATE;
LMRogers m2. Sonya (nee unk.)
6.4--Mark Darrel Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Rhonda Gay Williams Riley, PRIVATE; 4 ch.
7.1--Catina Lynn Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Robert Flores, PRIVATE;
7.2--Cheree Ann Rogers, PRIVATE; m. John Paul Arocha, PRIVATE;
7.3--Duane Benjamin Rogers, PRIVATE;
7.4--Riley Dean Rogers, PRIVATE;
6.5--Tina Marie Rogers, PRIVATE;
5.4--Herbert Luther "Herb" Rogers II, b. 29 Mar 1922; m. Darlene Alice Marshall (13 Apr 1923; d. 28 Jul 1990)
[6.1]--Dennis Michael Rogers (adopted), b. 1955; d. 2003;
5.5--Marjorey Lin "Marj" Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Robert James Pangburn, Sr. (b. 26 Jun 1922; d. 22 Feb 2003); 2 ch.
6.1--Nancy Lee Pangburn, PRIVATE; m. Dan Guyer (b. 14 Jul 1947; d. May 2003)
7.1--Shannon Guyer, PRIVATE;
6.2-- Robert James Pangburn, Jr., PRIVATE; m. Loretta (nee unk.), PRIVATE;
7.1--Justin Pangburn, PRIVATE;
7.2--Adrienne Pangburn, PRIVATE;
5.6--Milton Harold "Mitt" ["Milt?"] Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Lorene Tearce, PRIVATE;
6.1--Ronald Joe Rogers, PRIVATE; m1. Bonnie (nee unk.), PRIVATE; m2. Karlene Marie (nee unk.), PRIVATE;
7.1--Lori Ann Rogers, PRIVATE;
7.2--Kirk Michael Rogers, PRIVATE;
RJRogers m2. Karlene Marie (nee unk.), PRIVATE;
7.3--Rachel Marie Rogers, PRIVATE;
6.2--Gary Ray Rogers, b. 6 Mar 1949; d. 17 Jul 1994; m. Nanette (nee unk.), PRIVATE;
7.1--Brian Rogers, PRIVATE;
7.2--Steven Rogers, PRIVATE;
6.3--Marsha Louise Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Robert Berberich, PRIVATE;
7.1--Jennifer Berberich, PRIVATE;
5.7--Melvin Glenn Rogers, PRIVATE; m1. Patsy Ann Bowe (b. 29 Nov 1936; d. 19 Aug 1957); m2. Joyce Maxine Mason, PRIVATE;
6.1--Debra Lee Rogers m1. Larry James Lopez; m2. Billy Amos Grimes, PRIVATE;
7.2--Jeramey James "Jay" Lopez; (not married) Lisa Baron, PRIVATE;
8.1--Dawnella Marie Lopez, PRIVATE;
JJLopez m1. Danyelle (nee unk.), PRIVATE;
8.1--Jalaya Lopez, PRIVATE;
MGRogers m2. Joyce Maxine Mason
6.2--Robyn Marie Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Richard Swanson, PRIVATE;
7.1--Amy Elizabeth Swanson, PRIVATE;
6.3--Martin Bruce Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Christina Juliette Rosales, PRIVATE;
7.1--Mariah Star Rogers, PRIVATE;
7.2--Ian Storm Rogers, PRIVATE;
6.4--Christopher Allen Rogers, PRIVATE; m. Gay Rathman, PRIVATE;