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Mary Gwin's Line
Drury Hampton Roark's Line

21.00--Richard Gwin m. Sarah Chesley (unproven)
22.00--Isham Gwin m. Mary Canterbury
23.01--Polly Gwin m. Tom Walker, Jr.,

23.02--Elizabeth Gwin m. David Denton,

23.03--William Gwin m. Susanah Beard,

23.04--John Gwin m. Jane Walker,

23.01--Jesse Roark m.
24.01 or 24.02--Mary Gwin, b. ca. 1817; d. unk.; bd. unk.; m1. Drury Hampton Roark; one known ch. by Mr. Roark; m2. on 17 May 1849 at Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL, to Abel Turner (b. ca. 1800); at least one ch. by Mr. Turner, total of at least 2
[listed as Mary Turner, 33, in the 5 Nov 1850 census of Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL, and lvg. w/her husband, son, and dau.]

[listed as Abel Turner, carpenter, 50, b. NC, in the 5 Nov 1850 census of Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL, and lvg. w/his new wife, Mary (Gwin Roark) Turner, 33; stepson, W. J. "Rowark", 8; and infant dau. Anna Turner, 0 y 4 m;]

24.03--Drury Hampton Roark, b. est. 1810; d. bef. 1849 (date of Mary's second marriage); bd. unk. but prob. in Dallas Co., AL; m. Mary Gwin; one known ch.
[listed as D. H. Roark, 20-29, in the 1840 census of Dallas Co., AL, w/1 female 20-29 and 1 female under 5.

Name: W J Rowark
Age: 8
YOB: abt 1842
POB: Alabama
Home in
Cahawba, Dallas, AL
Name Age
Abel Turner 50
Mary Turner 33
Anna Turner 0y4m
W J Rowark 8

We interpolate--from a photo of the actual pages of the 1830 Census for Dallas Co., AL--what was the birth order of John's and Jane's family. On page 78 is a head of household named John "Gwinn", aged 30-39 (my John Gwin, born 1792, would've been 38 on 7 Nov 1830) with a female, aged 30-39; I have his wife, Jane Walker, in the 1850 census at age 56, so she was born in 1793 or 94).

Also listed are nine children--5 girls and 4 boys (this listing concurs with my records, below) aged as follows:

ages 15-19: 1 girl &1 boy------(Mary, 15-19, b. 1811-1815, & Thomas, 15-19, b. 1811-1815)
ages 10-14: no girls and 1 boy------(Isom, 13, b. 1817)
ages 5-9: 1 girl & 1 boy--------(Sarah and William
, b. 1820)
ages 0-4: three girls and one boy----
(Martha, Ann, Louisa, and Chesley--two of whom, Chesley and Martha, may have been twins)

1.  The oldest girl (b. 1811-1815, from this census) is clearly Mary (she reports her age as 33 in the 1850 census--i.e., b. 1817--but this cannot be right, since we have Isom's DOB solidly proven as 17 Mar 1817; therefore, she must be at least two years older than she reported).

25.01--unk. dau. Roark, b. betw. 1835 and 1840 census; d. bef. 1950 census; bd. unk., but prob. in Dallas Co., AL; m. never; no ch.
[listed as female under 5 lvg. in household of D. H. Roark, 20-29, in the 1840 census of Dallas Co., AL]

25.02--Walter J. Roark, b. ca. 1842-1845; d. 1 Jul 1863 in Battle of Gettysburg; bd. prob. at Gettysburg; m. never; no known ch.
[listed as Wr. J. Rowark, 8, in the 5 Nov 1850 census of Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL, and lvg. w/his mother, stepdad, and half sister]
[listed as J. W. Roark, 15, in the 31 Jul 1860 census of Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL, and lvg. w/his Gwin grandparents, his 1st cousin, and their host family, the Grices]

MaryGwinRoark m2. on 17 May 1849 in a double ceremony (performed by Rev. J. L. Cotten and recorded on that day in his diary) with her sister Louisa Gwin and her groom William McKnight, probably at the Cahaba home of her parents, John and Jane Gwin, to Abel Turner, a widower with children
25.03--Anna Louisa Turner, b. ca. Jun-Jul 1850 in Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL ; d. 13 Mar 1913; bd. Woodlawn Cem., Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL--Find A Grave Memorial# 27230817; m. "at the residence of Mr. William Gwin, Wilsonville, 24 Dec 1873, by Rev. N. H. Self" (from The Shelby Guide, Columbiana, AL, Thursday, 1 Jan 1874) to Rufus King Gwin (b. May 1852; d. 30 Aug 1929; bd. Woodlawn Cem., Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL--Find A Grave Memorial# 27231591);
[listed as Anna Turner, age 4 mos. in the 7 Nov 1850 census of Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL];
[listed as Anna Gwin, age 48, b. Feb 1852 in the 6 Jun 1900 census of Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL]

[listed as Rufus Gwin, age 48, b. May 1852, in the 6 Jun 1900 census of Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL]

[Anna and Rufus are first cousins--see 24.04>25.05 below]

24.02 or 24.01--Thomas Gwin,

24.03?--Isom Gwin, m. Mary Burdine Wilson

24.04--William Gwin, m. Roseanne Carlisle Jones "Roe" Wilson

25.01--Mary Ann Elizabeth Gwin m. Robert Guy Lochridge

25.02--Martha Jane Gwin (1845-1847); -- died as infant

25.03--William Sutton Gwin m. Ida Eliza Basset

25.04--John Wesley Gwin d. in his 20's; never married

25.05--Rufus King Gwin m. Ann Turner [first cousins--see 24.01 above]

25.06--Lucy Marcella Gwin d. as teen; never married

25.07--Isham Griffin Gwin, Sr. m. Mary Etta (Molly) Self

25.08--Thomas Wilson Gwin d. as teen; never married

24.05--Sarah Gwin, m. Louis Basset

24.06--Ann Gwin, m. Joseph Lavalette Basset

24.07--Martha Gwin, m. Jesse Comelander

24.08--Chesley R. Gwin, m1. Mary Frances "Fannie" Elizabeth Bell; m2. Paralee Blevins (nee unk.)

24.09--Louisa J. Gwin, m. William J. McKnight

23.05--Virginia Jane Gwin  m1. Mr. Tipton, m2. Benjamin Weathers

23.06--Isham Gwin II m1. Mary Likens; m2. Betsy Snowden

23.07--? Gwin

[JMG Note: THIS COULD BE CHESLEY--We have reason to believe that there was indeed a child of Isham and Mary named Chesley, named for Isham's mother's maiden name. When he was born or where he would have appeared in the birth order is beyond speculation at this point.]

23.08--Richard W. Gwin m. Nancy Watkins

23.09--Nancy Gwin m. Squire Houston

23.10--Sarah Gwin m. J. E. (William?) Houston

23.11--Minerva Gwin, m. Elijah Wright

23.12--Mahala Gwin m. John B. Houston

Some Pertinent Census Information

From the 6 Jun 1900 Census of Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL
to HoH
John M. Gwin Comments

1205 Tampa St./233/247
Rufus K. Gwinn
May 1852

sawyer, saw mill
This is Rufus King Gwin,

Anna L. Gwinn
Feb 1852

Lillie Gwinn
Jul 1878

school teacher

Georgia Bryan


Bor (bar?  box?) Maker