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Jane Susannah Snewin

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The reformatting of the name font and census data for this page has been completed. --John M. Gwin, Aug 2011


My first source of info for all this page is my father's late brother,JamesBassett Gwin II.  Page 46 is entitled BASSET FAMILY HISTORY andstarts out:

"Compiled by James Basset Gwin II of 2918 45 St New Orleans20, LA in the year 1949 from records submitted from the collections ofKateL. Gwin Tuscaloosa Al, and Edith Snow, Washington, DC. Information obtained from Major Champ Carter McCullough who employedgenealogists to trace this ancestry. "
My second source is Mr. Jeffrey Neil Bassett, Jnbassett@aol.com,who saw my page and sent me information he said came from Elizabeth NitschkeHicks.  I cut his info apart and added each piece where it was applicable. Thus each note preceded by JB/ENH came from him. He also sent me the copyof the 1850 census of Matagorda Co., TX, for the Louis Basset family.

Third is Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Nitschke Hicks herself , erootrot@usa.net, my third cousin once removed.

And now, 26 Aug 2006, Cousin Ann Tell sends us details on manymore of the family.

1.--Jean Jacques Luis Basset m. MaryLavalette on 20 Aug 1767 in Christchurch, Yorkshire, England.

Liz Hicks sent me a photocopy of the old 1767 marriage license. I transcribe it here with typeset words in boldface type and handwrittenwords in italic type.  The five signatures are also underlined.

"Banns of Marriage ____No. 93 Jean JaquesBassetof thisParish Watchmakerand MaryLavaletteof the Parish of Saint Saviourwere Marriedin this Churchby Licence this twentiethDayof Augustin the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and SixtySeven by me E. Willan Vicar. This Marriagewas solemnized between Us JJBasset  Marie LavaletteInthe Presence of Joseph Leivers   Rose Bottlion"
2.1--One of them (no name listed) emigrated to America, family alldied in Philadelphia.

2.2--John James Louis Basset (Jr.?) m. Mary Miles, an Englishgirl; settled in Sussex, England; 14 children
JB/ENH notes:
*53B1. Jean Jacques Luis "James" Basset - m. Mary Miles 13 Jun 1803 in St. Marylebone, London, Eng.

3.01--James Basset (m. Susannah Snewin) at leastone child
3.02--Mary Basset (m. Mr. Isaacs)--died without issue
3.03--Charlotte Basset (m.FredCheesman) at least 6 children
3.04--George Basset (m. unknown) at least one child
3.05--WilliamBasset (m.HarrietBowley)6 children--(my great-grandparents)
3.06--Louis Basset (m.SarahGwin. ) 2 children
3.07--Sarah Basset (m.RobertJordan) 2 children
3.08--John Miles Basset never married--died without issue
3.09--Henry Basset never married--died without issue
3.10--Joseph Lavalette Basset(m.MaryAnn Gwin) 2 children
3.11--Emma Maria Basset(m3.CarlLudwig Nitschke) 6 children
3.12--Thomas Archibald Basset, or  Thomas Basset(twin)  never married--died without issue
3.13--Charles Basset, or Archibald Basset (twin) nevermarried--died without issue
3.14--Robert Basset or Charles Robert Basset never married--diedwithout issue
(3.15)--Harry Bridger (called Henry)--maybeadopted, maybe only a close friend


3.1--James Basset m. SusannahSnewin; came to Brooklyn, NY; maybe returned to England; 1 child
On 6 May 2001 I received the following e.mail from Mr. Richard Snewin:

Subject: Family History - Snewin
Received: 5/06/2001
From: <richard.snewin at ntlworld dot com>
To: john, jmcdgwin@zianet.com

I have been carrying out a "one-name" study of the Snewin name for some 13 years and have extensive information going back continuously to 1680.  Also available is info regarding coins produced by family members between 980 and 1150.  Please note that Susannah Snewin is actually Jane Susannah Snewin, born 31 Mar 1803 at Worthing Sussex, the 1st. child (of 7) of John Snewin and Elizabeth Bailey. J.S.S. married James [Basset] on 22 Oct 1833 at Broadwater Church, Worthing.

Her parents are buried in the churchyard by the main door to the church.  Her father's notes are as follows: -"Born at 5 o'clock on Friday evening".  Baptized by Mr. Salmon.  Occupation: Carpenter and Builder. Left family firm in Clapton, London, in 1803 and moved to Worthing, a place that had become popular with Royalty and was growing.  Started Snewin and Sons, Builders, Worthing, which is still in business in 2001 although no Snewins are involved in running it.

A Market, authorised (chartered?) by Act of Parliament, with imposing entrances in Ann Street and Market Street, was opened in 1810.  It was square with stalls around the outer walls and a pump in the centre, earning revenue of £30 per annum for the town.  This was sold for £600 to John circa 1820, who used it as the firm's yard.  "...departed this life on Tuesday, June 9th, 1835, aged 60, died and buried at Worthing." Buried at St. Mary's, Broadwater, Sussex.  Gravestone reads, "In Memory of John Snewin,died June 9, 1835, aged 60 years. He lived respected and died lamented. -also of Elizabeth, his wife died 28 February 1848 aged 70 years".  Gravestone at St. Mary's, Broadwater, is to be found at right hand of path to Church door, immediately before the door.  Will dated 31 January 1828 and proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 6th August 1835.  I hope this is of interest, but should you want any further details, let me know.  Regards, Dick Snewin

Followup letter:
From: "Dick Snewin" <richard.snewin@ntlworld.com>
Date: Sat Apr 30, 2005  08:30:27 AM US/Mountain
To: <jmcdgwin@zianet.com>
Subject: Gwin/Basset Families
Reply-To: <richard.snewin@ntlworld.com>

James Basset, 1st child of J. J. L. Basset, married Jane Susannah Snewin, 22 October 1833 at Worthing.  She was the 1st child (of 6) of John Snewin (1775-1835) and Elizabeth Bailey (1778-1848) of Worthing.  They moved from Hackney, Middlesex, in 1802.  More can be seen of the Snewin line back to a marriage of Elkanah Snewin and Elizabeth Stanes on 2 July 1682 at St. James, Dukes Place, London, in 1682 on www.snewin.org if you are interested.  Sincerely, Dick Snewin

JB/ENH notes:
53B11. James Basset - settled in Brooklyn, New York around 1860.
4.1--  who died very young.
  • Aha! Aha! Today, 10 Aug 2004, Jeffrey Basset writes:
    • From: jbassett@packagingcorp.com
      Date: Tue Aug 10, 2004  11:46:58 AM US/Mountain
      To: jmcdgwin@zianet.com
      Subject: Bassett-Gwin
    Found the following in the 1850 census:

      1850 Federal Census of Matagorda Co., TX (7 Sep 1850)
    Place of Birth
    John Gwin's Comments

    Louis Bassit 36 M England Grocery keeper We've been looking for Louis' place of death and burial for a long time.  Knowing now that he resided in Matagorda with his family makes us believe that this may be his final resting place.  I wrote to genealogist Carol Gibbs of Matagorda, who responded:
    I did see the family on the 1850 and then the wife and daughter in 1860. They were living in the town of Matagorda both years and in their own household in 1850.  It appears the wife and daughter were living in the Colorado House which was the hotel owned by Galen Hodges. Hodges owned a home next door, but looking at the list, I believe it is the list of hotel occupants.
    We do have cemetery records for Matagorda Cemetery, but Mr. Bassett is not listed. There is no one by that name in our list at all. I'm sure if he died in Matagorda between 1850  and 1860, he would be there. The grave might have been marked at one time, but due to hurricanes (at least five bad ones since his death) the marker could have been washed away. If the marker was wooden, it would not have lasted this long.
    See my page for Louis Basset and Sarah Gwin Basset.

    Sarah 24 F Alabama
    Sarah Gwin Basset is the daugher of John and Jane Walker Gwin. 

    Emma M. 7 F Alabama
    Emma M. Basset is the only survivor of two known children.  She married C. C. McCulloch and had many descendents, many of whom are listed on my page for Louis Basset and Sarah Gwin Basset.
    James L. 6 M New York
    James L. Basset is most likely the only child of Louis' brother James Basset who married Mary Snewin in Worthing, England, and took her to New York.  I believe they may have died there, and it appears that Louis may have brought the son, James, to Matagorda to live with his relatives.  The middle initial "L" could be for Lavalette; however, in keeping with the traditions of the day, to me it is more likely a mistranscribed "S" for his mother's maiden name, Snewin.
    Thanks for this update, Jeffrey! :-)
    Cousin Liz Hicks wrote "Basset Family of Old Cahaba"for the book, The Heritage of Dallas County, Alabama, published in 2004.  A copy of the article was sent to me by Cousin Barbara Ward.  Enclosed in these boxes are excerpts relating to each of the children of John James Louis Basset and Mary Miles.
    (1) James settled in Brooklyn, New York, left children, but contact lost.