The Old Photo Album of
Martha Roseann Gwin Holley Lester
of Dallas and Perry Counties, Alabama
Containing Photos from the Approximate Period
1840 - 1890

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In July 2000, Mrs. Barbara U. Smith, widow of our late cousin Roy L. Smith, sent me copies of several pages of an old photo album, copies of which had been given to Roy by his (and my) cousin, Barbara Ward, of California. The photos were of many of the ancestors of Barbara (Ward), Roy, and me. In addition, two pages of the album were designed and used as an Index for identification purposes for the rest of the album. The problem was that some of the photos had been removed from their paper holders, replaced, or were now are out of order, making their identification very difficult. Adding to the confusion was the fact that some of the photos had disappeared over the years.

Cousin Barbara Ward inherited and still owns that old family photo album containing pictures of Gwins, Wilsons, and their families and friends of Dallas County (and later Perry County), Alabama, covering approximately fifty years (1840s - 1890s).  In addition, there were other photos that were separate from the album.  She and I would now like to share these PICTURES with the extended family.  She has sent copies to me, and I've copied them to this page for you to see.  (Instead of showing you the entire photo, I've cropped each to show you greater facial detail.)

On the cover (see above) one can clearly see the initials "M. R. H." for "Martha RoseAnne Holley", her married name with her first husband, Mr. Holley. We speculate, then, that this album was given to her at or after her marriage to him, perhaps even as a wedding gift. We further speculate that the giver of the album was perhaps the same person who wrote the first ten names in the album's index, who may also have given the first ten photos to Martha as "starters" for the album. Our theory continues that this person may have been Martha's grandma, Jennie Wilson, since the name "Guin" is misspelled there (but is spelled correctly by the person who wrote the eleventh and other remaining names--most likely Martha herself). It is possible that the giver of the album could also have been Martha's mother, Mary Burdine Wilson Gwin, but it seems to us less likely that she would've misspelled her own husband's last name than would have Jennie or, say, another Wilson family member.

As mentioned above, the album has a two-page INDEX.  Click this link to view it: Photocopy of Actual Index Pages.

Since the index names do not appear in aphabetical order,
I have rearranged them here to facilitate finding a particular individual:
Ref. no.
Ref. no.
Ref. no.
Ref. no.
Ref. no.
Clothier, George 14 Gwin, King 41 Hopper, Jacob 34 Rasco, Mary and son 56 Wilson, Bitte 61
Cureton, Lottie 38 Gwin, Lucy 69 Lee, Robert E. 15 Shields, Simon 13 Wilson, Dr. I. G. 11, 26
Cureton, Mintie 60 Gwin, Mary B.(Wilson) 44 Lochridge, Johnnie 55, 58 Smith, Ida 72 Wilson, Jane (Mrs. E. M.) 06
Cureton, Mr. 37 Gwin, Pattie 40 Lochridge, M.A.E. "Lizzie" 31 Smith, Mary J. (Gwin) 46 Wilson, Jenny 02
Givhan, Minnie 17 Gwin, Rosanna "Roe" (Wilson) 09, 20, 30 Lochridge, Robert 08 Smith, William 32, 36, 45 Wilson, Joseph 22
Givhan, Phillip 57 Gwin, William 19 Massey, Sallie 59 Stewart, Horace 52 Wilson, Marion 05, 21, 53
Gode(y?), Louis(a?) 73 Gwin, W. Sutton 49 Mears, Maggie 71 Taylor, Mrs. 28 Wilson, Mary J 07
Gwin, Isom 18, 29, 43, 74 Gwin, Wilson 64 Morgan, Luis and sister 16 Timberlake, Mattie 51 Wilson, Nathaniel 01
Gwin, I. G. 63 Holley, Minnie 66, 70 Outlaw, Bracket 39 Timberlake, Mr. 50 Wilson, Nettie 27
Gwin,"Jennie" 04 Holley, M 47 Presley, Charles 65 Vaugh, Henry 33 Wilson, Texas 25
Gwin, John 03 Holmes, Mrs. 54 Ramsey, Sallie 24 Wilson, Amanda 12 Wilson, Wm. 10, 48
Gwin, Dr. John 62 Hopper, Clarence 35 Ramsey, Wm. 23 Wilson, Anna 42 Woolley, David 67, 68
Key to the Chart Below
1.  Below is a chart that includes, in column one, a transcription of the original index.  To make reference to the photos easier, I've also numbered each name in the order it appears.

2.  Each page of the album contains places to display two pictures.  For her own reference, Barbara numbered each page, calling the left picture A and the right B. Column two lists her page numbers.  (Both of these numbering systems are artificial, neither appearing in the actual album.)

3.  The pictures that appear in column three are the closeups I've cropped from the actual album to give you a better view of the faces of each person.  As time and space permit, I'd like to provide the full-size photo of each as well.

4.  Column four contains Barbara's and my comments on each.

PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF US if you have photos that can help to identify for certain any of these people--thank you!
Barbara:  genealogy@prodigy.net
John: jmcdgwin@zianet.com

Names as they appear in the album's index, believed to be the original order of the photographs.

[I added the numbers to facilitate reference; they do not appear in the original index.]

Barb's page no.
Photos (cropped and closeup) which were on those pages when Barbara received the album.
Barbara's and my comments:
01 N. Wilson 1A
Clearly identified on the back of the photo as "N. B. Wilson" and "Grandpa"

He is Nathaniel Burdine Wilson (b. 1795, d. 1875; husb. of no. 2, Jane Jones)

02 J. Wilson 1B
Clearly identified on the back of the photo as "Jennie Wilson"

She is Jane "Jennie" (nee Jones) Wilson (DOB unk. but prob. ca. 1795-1800; first wife of no.1, Nathaniel Burdine Wilson, and mother of all his children.

She may have died ca. 21 Jul 1850--see her pastor's diary entry for that date.)

03 John Guin 2A
Photo missing
John Gwin (b. 1792, husb. of no. 4; d. 1877 and bd. in Wilsonville, Shelby Co., AL)
04 Jennie Guin  2B
Clearly identified on the back of the photo as "Jennie Gwin" and "Grandma". Jane "Jennie"  Walker Gwin (DOB ca. 1795; d. between 1860 and 1870, bd. at Cahawba's New Cemetery, wife of no. 3, John Gwin)

Photographer: "J. W. Cleary, Selma AL"

There appears to be a growth on the lower eyelid of her right eye (or perhaps this is a flaw in the photo).  At first glance, this growth looks like it is the pupil of the eye, making her look somewhat strange, as if her left eye were looking up and the other down.  Enlarging the photo makes it clear that this is not the case--both eyes are normal.  One can even see this in the current size of the photo if one looks first at her left eye then looks at the right, expecting it to look the same.

05 Marion Wilson 3A

The photo in this position (left, top) appears to perhaps be that of a young Roe Gwin, not Marion Wilson.

Marion would be Nathaniel Marion Wilson (b. 1837, 10th child of Nos. 1 & 2).  There were several pictures of this person in the album; this (left, bottom) is one of them.

06 Jane Wilson and... 3B(1)
When I, John, first received the index--before I saw the actual pictures--I assumed, because of the way it was listed, this to be two photographs. Later I saw that it was one photo with both people in it, one clearly younger standing, the other, older, seated. I once believed the person sitting to be Jane Jones Wilson (a younger version of the person in photo 1B, wife of N. B. Wilson), even though she did not seem to resemble Grandma Jane at all.

The person standing, then, had to be Mary J. Wilson, but I could not figure out just who this person was.

(continued below)

07 ...Mary J. Wilson 3B(2)
(continued from above)

Aha! I have found an M. J. Wilson (b. ca. 1849) and her mother Sarah Jane (Cole) Wilson as the respective eldest daughter and wife of Ezekiel Monroe Wilson!

I now believe these two ladies to indeed be Ezekiel M. Wilson's wife (06) and their eldest daughter (07).

08 Robert Lochridge 4A
This is a closeup of the photo that was in the 4A slot when Barbara got the album.  We believe this to be Robert Guy Lochridge, b. 1838, m. 1866 to Mary Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gwin, 1st child of W&Roe, (possibly taken after Lizzie died since she is not in the photo, nor is there a picture in the other slot on this page or a name in the index).
[empty ]
[empty ]
Not only was the photo slot empty, but also the Index line was empty, leading me to believe that the album was written in after the death of Mary Ann Elizabeth Gwin Lochridge in Jan 1882.
09 Roe Guin 5A
[empty ]
Perhaps the photo that belonged in this position was removed and mistakenly returned to the number five (3A) position above.

She would be Rosann Carlisle Jones Wilson Gwin (b. 1822, 4th child of  Nos. 1 & 2, wife of Wm. Gwin)--see also number 20 below.

10 Wm. Wilson 5B
This is the photo that is in this 5B slot.  A much better copy is located at no. 48 (page 28A).

We believe this to be William Bramwell Wilson, (b. 1827, 6th child of Nos. 1 & 2).

11 I. G. Wilson 6A
This would be Dr. Isham Griffin Wilson, M. D., (b. 1841, 11th child of Nos. 1 & 2)--see no. 12.
12 Amanda Wilson 6B
An Amanda A. married and was the second wife of Dr. Isham Griffin Wilson (s/o NBW no. 1).  NBW died in this son's home after 5 years of illness. 

Since she appears on the page opposite I. G. Wilson, we assume this is that wife.

13 Simon Shields 7A
[unidentified]--The name of a "bro. Shields" appears in the Oct. 22, 1852 entry of the diary of Rev. J. L. Cotten, then-pastor of the Methodist church in Cahawba, Dallas Co., AL.  Cotten stayed that night at the Shields' home in/near Orrville, some 5-10 miles west of Cahawba. Cotten was pastor to many of the families in this index, including John and Jane Gwin and William and Roe Gwin.

A Richard Shields was the 1808 neighbor in Sevier Co., TN, of Isham Gwin, the father of John Gwin.  John married Jane Walker in 1812, and they were living in Dallas Co., AL, by 1816.  Perhaps Richard or one of his sons also moved to AL, in which case this Simon could be a descendant.

14 George Clothier 7B
[unidentified]--However, a search of the 1880 census revealed only one (of 22 persons of this name) who was b. in AL or in AL in 1880:
Name: George CLOTHIER
Age: 38
Estimated birth year: <1842>
Birthplace: Alabama
Occupation: Book Keeper
Relation: Self
Home in 1880: Galveston, Galveston, Texas
Marital status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Head of household: George CLOTHIER
Father's birthplace: VA
Mother's birthplace: SC
A listing for a Pvt. G. E. Clothier appears in Anna Gayle Fry's book, Memories of Old Cahaba, on page 109 in the Roster of the "Cahaba Rifles", Company F, Fifth Alabama Regiment, C. S. A., as follows: "enlisted 10 Apr. 1861 at Cahaba by Capt. C. C. Pegues for one year; wounded in battle 1 Jul 1862 at Malvern Hill, VA; disabled for further service." Click George's link at left for what may be "the rest of the story."
15 Robt. E. Lee 8A
This appears to be a commercial picture of The General himself.
16. Luis Morgan + Sister 8B
I now believe these to be Lewis A. Morgan, Jr., right, and his sister Lottie Morgan (probably Charlotte), left, listed in the 1880 census of Uniontown, Perry County, Alabama, ages three and one, respectively.See their page.
17 Minnie Givhan 9A
17--She is the daughter of Philip Givhan (#57 below), his full name being Dr. Joseph Philip Givhan and Mary Holmes Givhan, twin sister to Martha "Mattie" Holmes Timberlake (#51 below). Neither Carole Rackley nor I have been able to find Philip Givhan anywhere in the US in the 1880 census under any spelling. 

In 1880, Minnie Givhan, age 12, b. in AL, was living in Gainesville, Hall Co., GA, in the home of her uncle and aunt, James C. S. Timberlake,  and Mattie H. Timberlake, 30, b. AL (parents both b. in SC). 

Carole Rackley found Minnie in 1870: "According to the 1870 census records for Athens, [Dallas County] Alabama, Minnie was the only child of Dr. Joseph Philip Givhan and Mary Holmes Givhan. Minnie was born in 1868." (This could mean that the album's owner, Martha Roseanne Gwin "Guinn" Holley Lester, likely knew these Givhans not only in Perry County but in the Town of Athens, Dallas Co., as well!)

18 Isom Gwin 9B
Obviously something has damaged the face of this picture (left), but fortunately, two more copies of it appear in the album, at least one of which is fairly clear and has beautifully written on its back, "Isham Gwin: Athens Dallas Co., Ala."; it also carries the stamp of "J. W. Clary & Co., Photographers, Broad Street, Selma, Ala."  This center photo seems to be a reverse image of the first.

18--Isom Gwin, b. ca. 1816, son of nos. 3 & 4, John and Jane Gwin; m. Mary Burdine Wilson (sister of Wm.'s wife Roe, 1st child of nos. 1&2)-- d. 7 Dec 1853.

19 Wm. Gwin 10A
The photo on the left is from the album's page 10A (my number 19).  For two reasons, I believe it to be that of my gg-grandpa, William Gwin, b. 1820, child of John and Jane Gwin Nos. 3&4; bro. of Isom no. 18; husband of Roe nos. 09 & 20., taken probably around 1880, say age 60 or so.  First, the album index states that the picture in this position is that of William, and second, the person who put the album together put him on the same page as his wife, Roe Wilson Gwin.

The picture to the right is from a stack of loose, framed photos Barbara received with the album.  I believe it may also be of William Gwin but at a younger age.  According to a book Barbara sent me, Guide to Dating Old Family Photographs by Judith A. Walters, the frame it is in is of early 1850's vintage, which would make William's age in the photo in his early 30's.

20 Roe. C. Gwin 10B
This must be RoseAnn Carlisle Jones Wilson Gwin (same as no. 9).

Photo was taken by "J. W. Clary & Co., Photographers, Broad Street, Selma, Ala."

21 Marion Wilson 11A
Analysis: We originally thought that both of these--11A and 11B--are the same person, Joseph Wilson.  While several similarities do exist, a discrepancy appears when comparing two specific features that would not change in age.  The 11A subject's eyelids have extreme slant, and the left eye may have lazy eye syndrome or an injury (see left eyebrow, though this latter may be an imperfection in the photo itself), while the 11B subject's eyes do not seem to have such. Most telling, however, is that the ratio between the outer edges of the nostrils' openings and the bridge is 23 to 30 (0.77:1) on the top photo, while that of the bottom is 30:30 or 1 to 1. Based on these differences, we now believe 11A to be indeed Nathaniel Marion Wilson.

Photo was taken by Barnes, Photographer, No. 87 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala.


22 Joseph Wilson 11B
Analysis: See above.  This must therefore be Joseph Jones Abernathy Wilson (b. 1830--7th child of nos. 1&2) as per the album's index.

This photo was taken by "J. W. Clary & Co., Photographers, Broad Street, Selma, Ala."

23 Wm. Ramsey 12A
[unidentified]--but see the following e.mail of Oct 2003 from Barbara Ward:

"...This morning I went searching for info on the Ramsey's that were listed in the album. In the 1850 census for Dallas Co.:

W.A.D. Ramsey age 29 b. Al
S.L.      Ramsey age 24 b. Al

Could be Wm. and Sallie; the ages would be right. They didn't look very old when the pictures were taken; probably in the 1860 and 70's. BARB"

See our

Sallie Ramsey 12B
[unidentified]--but see the above e.mail of Oct 2003 from Barbara Ward.

Name: I G Wilson [John M. Gwin Note:  I now believe that Sallie Ramsey is the former Sallie Adams of Athens, Dallas Co., AL, shown in this 1870 census as S. E. Ramsey, 25, and wife of W. R. (William) Ramsey.  Sallie would then be the older (by two years) sister of the former Amanda Adams, shown here as Amanda Wilson, 23, and wife of Dr. Isham G. Wilson.  The entire clan of thirteen people are living on the Adams plantation in Athens at the close of the Reconstruction period.
YOB: abt 1843
Age: 27
POB: Alabama
Home in
, AL
Name Age
A Adams 59
W R Ramsey 38
S E Ramsey 25
N E C Ramsey 4
J W Ramsey 1
B C Adams 27
C C Adams 19
J A Adams 23
G W Adams 17
I G Wilson 27
Amda Wilson 23
Chas A Wilson 2
C J Ramsey 19

25 Texas Wilson 13A
[empty ]
25--daughter of Joseph Jones Abernathy Wilson, no. 22 above (b. 1830--7th child of nos. 1&2)
26 Dr. Wilson and... 13B
This is actually one photograph of two people. Possibly the man is Isham Griffin Wilson, (same as #11 on page 6A, copied here to make comparison easier--see note 12); to me, however, the two men in these pictures do not seem to be one and the same.
27 ...Nettie Wilson 13B
This is possibly Joseph Jones Abernathy Wilson's daughter, Nettie D. Wilson, b. 1881, pictured below after the turn of the century.  ; 

She could also be the wife of one of the brothers of I. G. Wilson, perhaps even one for whom the below-pictured Nettie D. Wilson was named; however, it seems highly unlikely to me that I. G. Wilson would be posing with one of his sisters-in-law.

The above photo is not from Barbara's album but is owned and was sent to me by Cousin Jo Goodwin of Arkansas.  This is definitely Nettie D. Wilson, taken soon after her marriage to Mr. Sackett. She is the daughter of William Henry Wilson and granddaughter of Joseph Abernathy Jones Wilson, was b. Aug 1881 in Cypress Valley, Faulkner Co, AR, died after 1900, and is the only Nettie in the family we have found so far.
28 Mrs. Taylor 14A
29 Isom Gwin 14B . Isom Gwin (same as no. 18), firstborn of John and Jane Gwin, husband of Mary B. Wilson.  I didn't publish this picture because it is so faded, and there are enough others.
30 Roe Gwin 15A
Rosann Carlisle Jones Wilson Gwin--same as no. 9--see note on Lizzie below.
31 Lizzie Lochridge 15B
This is Mary Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gwin, b. 1843, 1st child of Wm. and Roe--nos. 19& 20, wife of Robt. Lochridge--no. 8. 

Why is she pictured here instead of with her husband on page 4B?  Perhaps this album was assembled after Lizzie's death in Jan 1882, and her grieving mother, Roe, chose to have the photo placed beside her instead.  Indeed, Roe appears across the page (15A) dressed in black as if in grief.

32 Wm. Smith 16A
32--This must be William J. Smith, (m. 1853 to Mary Jane Gwin, d/o Isom {no. 18} and Mary B. Wilson Gwin)
33 Henry Vaugh 16B
33--[unidentified] (Could this last name be Vaughn? --John Gwin)

In October 2004, Katherine Hill wrote:

I wondered if this could be James H. Vaughan; he was a son of Fielding Vaughan and married "my cousin" Caroline Bell in 1856. My Milhous ancestors attended the wedding...they only referred to the man as Mr. Vaughan, son of.....
I think, but I am not certain, that this Mr. Vaughan died in 1870 and is buried at Pleasant Hill Presby. Church.
Katherine Hill

[unidentified] --This spot was originally empty in the index, indicating to me that this picture was added after the index was written.  We have no clues at this point as to who this person might be.
34 Jacob Hopper .
35 Clarence Hopper 18A
36 Wm. Smith 18B
36--William J. Smith, (same as no. 32)
37 Mr. Cureton 19A
37--[unidentified]--note beside the picture says:
"This is my grandfather's uncle."  Another note says that he "deeded land to be designated Mars Hill Church."
I ran a search for "Charlotte Cureton" (all states) in the 1880 census and found only one who is white; she was living in Marion with her husband, W. B. Cureton:
Age: 65
Estimated birth year: <1815>
Birthplace: Georgia
Occupation: Farmer
Relation: Self
Home in 1880: Marion, Perry, Alabama
Marital status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Head of household: W. B. CURETON
Father's birthplace: SC
Mother's birthplace: GA
Image Source: Year: 1880; Census Place: Marion, Perry, Alabama; Roll: T9_27; Family History Film: 1254027; Page: 190A; Enumeration District: 77; Image: 
Re: William J. Cureton B.abt 1810-1820
Posted by: David Booth (ID *****1630) 
Date: April 25, 2006 at 16:13:55
In Reply to: Re: William J. Cureton b. abt 1810-1820 by John Gwin 
Post #598 of 598

No, William and Charlotte Massey lived and died in SC.  I think the William you are asking about is William Baugh Cureton, b. 11 May 1815 in GA; d. 20 Sep 1865 in Selma AL; m. Charlotte May b. 31 Jan 1815 in AL; d. 15 Sep1886.

38 Lottie Cureton 19B
38--[unidentified]--I'm curious as to who these people are. "Lottie" is usually short for Charlotte, and I do indeed have many Charlottes in my lines, primarily in my Basset lines.  If this Mrs. Cureton is a Basset, then that explains why she would be in this album.

I ran a search for "Charlotte Cureton" (all states) in the 1880 census and found only one who is white:

Name: Charlotte CURETON
Age: 63
Estimated birth year: <1817>
Birthplace: Alabama
Occupation: Keeps House
Relation: Wife
Home in 1880: Marion, Perry, Alabama
Marital status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Female
Head of household: W. B. CURETON
Father's birthplace: TN
Mother's birthplace: TN
Image Source: Year: 1880; Census Place: Marion, Perry, Alabama; Roll: T9_27; Family History Film: 1254027; Page: 190A; Enumeration District: 77; Image: 0680.
Then I looked for W. B. Cureton and found him as listed above
39 Bracket Outlaw 20A
40 Pattie Gwin 20B
41 King Gwin 21A
Rufus King Gwin
Rufus King Gwin b. 16 May 1853 in Cahaba just days after the death of Cahaba neighbor, namesake, and Vice-president of the United States William Rufus D. King; son of Will and Roe Gwin; m., "at the residence of Mr. Wm. Gwin, Wilsonville, Dec. 24th, [1873] by Rev. N. H. Self, Mr. Rufus K. Gwin to Miss Anna Louisa Turner"; King and Anna were first cousins, she being the daughter of William's older sister Mary Gwin (Roark) Turner.
42 Anna Wilson 21B

She could be wife of one of the Wilson boys, i.e., sons of nos. 1 & 2, the wives for whom have not yet been identified: John Jones Wilson, William Bramwell Wilson, James Washington Wilson, Samuel Rutherford Wilson, or Nathaniel Marion Wilson.

She also (and this makes more sense to me) could be Anna Turner who married King Gwin, and the recorder of this index did not know her maiden name was not Wilson but Turner. This makes sense for several reasons: first, the owner of the album placed husbands and wives on the same pages in numerous cases, and Anna and King were on the same page; second, Will and Roe (King's parents) may have found it somewhat embarrassing that their son was marrying his first cousin and may have circulated the story that she was a Wilson to hide her real maiden name, Turner.

[unnamed and unidentified]
43 Isom Gwin 23A
43--Isom Gwin, b. ca. 1816, son of nos. 3 & 4, m. Mary Burdine Wilson (sister of William's wife Roe, 1st child of nos. 1 & 2)--(same as no. 18).  A book I've seen regarding picture frames dates this photo to the 1840s when Isham would've been in his late 20's to early 30's.
44 Mary B. Gwin 23B
44--Mary Burdine Wilson, b. 29 Nov 1816 or 1820 SC; (m. Isom Gwin, no. 43, 18) sister of William's wife Roe, 1st child of nos. 1 & 2).  When her husband Isom died at the end of 1853, Mary remarried to a Methodist minister, Rev. John Steadman. She is the mother-in-law of William Smith, below.
45 Wm. Smith 24A
45--This must be William J. Smith, (m. 1853 to Mary Jane Gwin {no.46} d/o Isom {no. 18} and Mary B. Wilson Gwin).
46 Mary J. Smith 24B
46--This must be Mary Jane Gwin b. ca. 1838, m.16 Dec 1853 (at age 15!) to Wm. J. Smith {no.45} of Dallas Co.,AL; died at age 32.5 years on 17 Jul 1871 after 17.5 years of marriage; bd. s. of Orrville, Dallas Co., AL

Hers is the grave I found this summer (July 2003) in the cemetery of the old Episcopal church that was moved from Cahaba to just south of Orrville, both towns in Dallas Co., AL.

47 M. Holley 25AB
25A                                    25B
47--As of 27 Jan 2004, I now believe this writing to refer to Martha "Mattie" Gwin Holley, sister of Mary Jane Gwin Smith on the previous page and owner of this album. I had earlier thought that the initial in her name was a W, but closer inspection of the original index shows that it is an M. I now see, also from the original index, that she arranged the pictures by families.  Her father, Isom, and mother, Mary B., face each other on page 23 (A and B); her sister, Mary Jane, and her husband, William J., face each other on the very next page 24 (A and B); and she herself is on the next page at 25A.  I believe this album must have been assembled after the death of her first husband, Matthew Holley, who does not appear in the album. 

Barbara found these three pages between the relatively "known" photos on pages 24 and 28 with no apparent index entries.  The six photos  on 25, 26, and 27, then, were listed simply as unknown.

But looking carefully at the six photos, comparing them to the only known photo of Martha Gwin Holley to exist, it appears to me that the younger female at 27B looks the most like the older Martha on Isom's and Mary's page.

By the way, what looks like a possible bald spot in the front of 26B's scalp is clearly hair when the picture is enlarged. Whether it's dyed or naturally a lighter color, I don't know.

See #66 and 70 below.

26A                                    26B


27A                                    27B
48 Wm. Wilson  28A
48--William Bramwell Wilson, (Same as no. 10)
49 Sutton Gwin 28B
49--This must beWilliam Sutton Gwin--my great-grandfather, (b. 5 Jun1848 at Cahaba, AL; d. 11 Sep 1916) ; m. 2 Dec 1868 to Ida Eliza Basset, b. 5 May 1845 in Worthing Sussex, England; d. 8 Dec 1907--but since Ida's picture is not here, this could date the photo to pre-1868, Sutton's teen years.
The above photo is not from Barbara's album but was sent to me, John Gwin, by a friend in Wilsonville, AL. The writing on the margin of the picture makes it clear that this is Wm. Sutton "Sutt" Gwin, taken near the end of his life (say, 1900, age 52, to1916, age 68). His ear is exactly the same as that of my father--Adrian Sutton Gwin, WSG's grandson (1916-2001).

For several reasons, I'm convinced that these two pictures are of the same person: 
(1) the album index of the first and the writing in the border of the second identify them as such; 
(2) the cheekbones, nose, eye shape and color, and eybrows all seem to match, and 
(3) --what I thought were flaws in the picture until I saw both pictures together--a birthmark is present in both directly above the right end of the right eye and about halfway up the forehead, and a second is visible in both (moreso in the later photo) directly above the left end of the right eyebrow and slightly lower than the first birthmark.

50 Mr. Timberlake 29A
50--This is James Charles S. Timberlake, tailor, who is in Gainesville, Hall Co., GA, for the 1880 census, and in Monticello, Jefferson Co., FL, by 1890. (See notes below for Minnie Givhan.) The fact that he is a tailor, as disclosed in this census, above, suggests that he could have been in business with the Bassets of Cahaba, who married into the Gwin family. But Carole Rackley says that the 1870 census shows him to be a tax collector in Cahawba, not a tailor; nevertheless, he could've been apprenticing under the Bassets as a tailor.

I found a letter written in 1890 from a John S. Timberlake to this same J. C. S. Timberlake, then living in Monticello, Florida.  It can be read on this website or at the good site from which it is quoted: http://www.castlen.homestead.com/Letters.html

51 Mattie Timberlake 29B
51--This is Mattie Holmes Timberlake, who is in Gainesville, Hall Co., GA, for the 1880 census, and who is the twin sister of Mary Holmes Givhan, wife of Joseph Phillip amd mother of Minnie. (See notes above for Minnie Givhan, #17.)
52 Horace Stewart 30AB
52--[unidentified]--Starting with page 32 below, Barbara worked her way backward to here and deduced that the person in 30A must be the named Howard Stewart, all else being equal.  That left an empty frame at 30B where someone had obviously cut the picture of CC Hughes from a magazine and inserted it.  On the reverse is printed that he is a faculty member, but the school's name is missing.
53 Marion Wilson 31A
53--Nathaniel Marion Wilson (same as no. 5)
54 Mrs. Holmes 31B
54--[unidentified]--but see Barbara's note below
55 Johnnie Lochridge 32A
55--John Wilson Lochridge b. 15 Dec. 1868 (s/o nos. 8 & 31)
56 Mary Rasco + Son 32B

Today--5 Aug 2000--I re-read an earlier Wilson Family GenForum post by Kathy Wilson Kemp who said: "We are researching Ezekiel Burdine Wilson b. SC/AL b. between 1795-1800 (md. Sarah Rasco) who may be the brother of Nathaniel Burdine Wilson; also there is a brother by the name of Jonathan and maybe one by the name James Wilson. Do any of these names show up in your collection?" Kathy, I, and others now feel that this Rasco name links our lines, and I've created a page for Ezekiel Burdine Wilson's line as well. This is probably Mary (Ann Elizabeth?) Rasco Wilson (d/o Sarah Harrell Rasco and Ezekiel Burdine Wilson), m1. William Ephraim Rasco; "son" in picture is likely their eldest--William Taylor Rasco, Ezekiel B. Rasco,  or James Marion Rasco.
Click here for an amazing anecdote about this picture!
57 Phillip Givhan 33A
57--[unidentified]--but could he be (related to) this Dr. Givhan mentioned in Rev. Cotten's diary?

See also Barbara's note below.

16 Feb. 2004: Research today links Minnie Givhan (#17 above) with James and Mattie Timberlake (#50 and 51 above) as their niece.  See notes beside Minnie's photo at #17.

58 Johnnie Lochridge 33B
58--John W.[ilson] Lochridge b. 15 Dec. 1868 (same as no. 55)
59 Sallie Massey 34A
59--[unidentified]--Barbara says this is a tin type, and the frame book says that this particular frame is from the 1840's. 

But the 1880 census of Severe, Perry Co., AL, lists a Sallie L. Massey, age 14, living in the home of William A. Cook. The young lady in the photo appears to be in her mid teens

60 Mintie Cureton 34B
60--[unidentified]--If this is Mintie Cureton, she is likely the daughter (or younger sister?) of the Curetons seen on p. 19 above.

Sure enough, the 1880 Census gives the following listing:

Name: Aramintae CURETON
Age: 24
Estimated birth year: <1856>
Birthplace: Alabama
Occupation: At Home
Relation: Dau
Home in 1880: Marion, Perry, Alabama
Marital status: NA
Race: White
Gender: Female
Head of household: W. B. CURETON
Father's birthplace: GA
Mother's birthplace: AL
61 Bitte (?) Wilson 35A
61--[unidentified]--This could be the wife of one of the Wilson boys (i.e., the eight sons of nos. 1 & 2 ). The wives of Ezekiel, Joseph, and Isham have been identified; therefore, their names have been eliminated from this list:
John Jones Wilson, 
William Bramwell Wilson, 
James Washington Wilson, 
Samuel Rutherford Wilson, 
Nathaniel Marion Wilson.
I found one Bittie Wilson (27, b. MS) in the 1880 Arkansas census, wife of a J. M. Wilson, and I'd thought for a moment he might be our missing James Washington Wilson, but his father was b. in TN and his mom in AL, etc.--clearly not our family.
62 John Gwin 35B
62--Without having seen the picture, this could've been John Gwin (b. 1792, husb. of no. 4--same as no. 3), in which case it would've been a picture of an older man. 

However, in my opinion it would more likely have been the grandson of this John Gwin, John Wesley Gwin (b. 15 Mar 1851; d. 29 Aug.1877, age 26), since (1) JWG's picture/name appears nowhere else in the album/index, and (2) Sutton's and King's (JWG's brothers') pictures are here, likely taken in their teens, and John Wesley's age being between theirs would've made him a teen, too, living at home, if all the pictures were taken at the same time. So I believed we were looking for a teenager's picture at this slot. Sure enough, when I finally saw the picture, it became clear that this was/is John Wesley Gwin, who would soon become John Wesley Gwin, M.D.

63 Isom Gwin 36A
63--Could be Isom Gwin (b. ca. 1816, son of nos. 3 &4, m. Mary Burdine Wilson {sister of Wm.'s wife Roe, 1st child of nos.1&2})--d. 7 Dec 1853), in which case it will be a picture of a man likely in his 30's.

However, in my opinion it is more likely Isham Griffin Gwin, Sr.--7th child of Will and Roe--(b. 25 Sep 1858; d. 21 Dec 1919; bd. Wilsonville Cem., Shelby Co., AL; m. 1881 to Mary Etta (Molly) Self; {1858-1940}), since (1) I.G.G.'s picture/name appears nowhere else in the album/index, and (2) Sutton's and King's pictures are here, likely taken in their teens, and Isham Griffin's age being younger than theirs would've made him an older child or young teen, living at home, if all the pictures were taken at the same time. So I believe we're looking for a picture of a child aged 10-13 at this slot.

Sure enough, the photos that Barb sent  that came to her on this page are the ones shown here, both older children or young teens.

64 Wilson Gwin 36B
64--Thomas Wilson Gwin? (1863-1877, 8th child of Will and Roe, nos. 19 & 20)
37a? . .
65 Charles Presley 37b? . 65--[unidentified]
66 Minnie Holley .
[Photo not yet identified]
66--Minnie Moore Holley is listed in the 1880 census of the town of Marion,  Perry Co., AL, as the only daughter and eldest child (b. ca. 1863--age 17 in 1880) of the widowed Mrs. "Mattie" R. Holley (nee Martha Rosanna Gwin, younger daughter of Isom and Mary B. Wilson Gwin). 

Minnie, then, is William Sutton Gwin's (#49 above) double-second cousin; therefore, she is my (John Gwin's) double-second cousin thrice removed. 
And since she is half-sister to Mattie's son Smith Wyatt Lester by her second husband Bryant Brown Lester, then she is Barbara Ward's half-grandaunt.

But it gets thicker: Minnie and her mother, Mattie, married the Lester brothers, Thomas and Bryant, respectively, making Minnie the wife of her mother's brother-in-law and therefore her mother's own sister-in-law.  That means that Minnie's child is her own step first cousin.  And here's a cute one: Minnie is her own step-aunt!   :-)

See also #70 below.

67 David Woolley . . 67--[unidentified] Aha! Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tinney Hill has sent me some (unclear) copies of old photos of Rev. and Mrs. David Woolley of Wilsonville and their children! She writes:
Rev. David Z. Woolley, Wilsonville, Ala. Baptist church. I believe the wife's name was Mary. He was from Montevello, Ala., and  the line went back to Bibb Co., Ala. He and she were loved by everyone.
Love,  Mary Elizabeth Hill
68 David Woolley . . 68--[unidentified]--see note above
. . . This space in the index is empty.
69 Lucy Gwin . . 69--Lucy Marcella Gwin? (1855-1871); died age 16--this clearly dates the photo, if indeed it is she; or it could be a later picture of Sutton's daughter Lucy Jane Gwin b. 13 Jan 1879; age 1 in the 1880 Wilsonville Census; d. 18 Nov (1957?) in Prescott, Arizona; m. 18 May 1898 to Lawson Rochester "Loss" Hebb (b. unk.; d. 13 Feb 1938)
70 Minnie Holley . . 70--same as #66 above.
71 Maggie Mear(s?) . . 71--[unidentified]
72 Ida Smith . . 72--Is she the daughter of Willam J. Smith and Mary Jane Gwin Smith, and therefore first cousin to Minnie Holley (#66 above)?

We originally thought so, for, according to the 1870 Federal Census of Dallas Co., AL, Ida Smith, 6, is living in residence 284 with family 289, W. J. Smith, 38; his wife, M. J. Smith, 30; their son, R. I. Smith, 14; M. B. Steadman, Mary Jane's mother (#44 above), 50; N. B. Wilson, (#1 above), 77; and M. J. Smith, Jr., 16. The "Junior" after the older girl's name led us to believe this to be a possibility.

However, now we believe that neither Ida nor M. J. Jr. is their daughter, but rather they are the daughters of one of William J. Smith's brothers. Since this is just after the Civil War, and many war widows had to farm out their children to the families of more fortunate relatives, this certainly could have been the case here. Two more facts have arisen that support this: (1) William and Mary Jane had their family portrait taken about this same time, and only Robert is included (see this photo at the bottom of this page); and (2) Mary Jane's gravestone specifically mentions only two survivors: a husband and a son. This would make the two girls first cousins to Robert Isom Smith, not Minnie Holley.
73 Louis (A?) Go(?)dey .   73--[unidentified]--This photo was not in the album. Nevertheless, I searched the web for a Louis A. Godey and found that he was the publisher of the very popular women's magazine, Godey's Lady's Book, which appeared in 1830.  Several excellent web pages were investigated; however, the one at this address, http://www.history.rochester.edu/godeys/02-50/lag.htm, contained an excellent autographed picture (from the February 1850 issue) from which this closeup was made. As at least two other published pictures--those of Robert E. Lee and C. C. Hughes--appear in the album, it is not unlikely that the photo which originally appeared in this place in the album was also cut from a magazine, perhaps from this very issue.
74 Isom Gwin . . 74--Isom Gwin (same as no. 18)

From: "Barbara L.Ward" <genealogy@prodigy.net>
Date: Tue Oct 21, 2003  12:49:59 AM US/Mountain
To: <jmcdgwin@zianet.com>
Subject: Photo album index

Hi John,
Checked out early marriages of Dallas Co.
May have a lead on the "Givhan" name.
Jacob Givhan m. Mary M. Holmes 1839  (didn't we have a Mrs. Holmes? [YES--see no. 54 above]
William P. Givhan m. Louisiana Hunter 1843  Could this be "Phillip"?

Also checked out your website for anyone named "Nettie". Seems  the name appears under Rufus and Ann.
"The sources of Uncle James' records are undocumented, never the less, he has Rufus and Anna having 4 daughters, not 3" (as above listed)
Lillian, Rosa, Lulu and Nettie. Nettie (probably born in the 1870's as were her sisters) married 1) Mr. Carey  (div) and had one child 2)Mr. Clark  -  had one daughter.

Maybe this will help. Catch you later,

Are these two photos of the same person?


We're fairly sure the lady on the left is Rosann "Roe" Carlisle Jones Wilson, fourthborn of N.B. and Jennie Wilson and wife of William Gwin (fourthborn of John and Jane Gwin).
We're fairly sure the lady on the right is her sister Mary Burdine Wilson, firstborn of N.B. and Jennie Wilson and wife of Isom Gwin (firstborn of John and Jane Gwin).
Who is the lady in the center?

Are these three photos of the same person?
Could he have been born in 1792?

The lady on the left is listed as unknown.
The center photo is whom we are calling William Bramwell Wilson (same as numbers 10 and 48 above).
The young boy on the right is listed as unknown, but there seems to be a resemblance to the older boy above (same as 26A).  What do you think?
Well, then, now compare them to the boy below. Do you not see a resemblance there? Now read below.

The above family photo was received by Barbara Ward in early 2004.
They are, left to right, William J. Smith, Robert Isom Smith, and Mary Jane Gwin Smith.
She died in July of 1871, just before her son's 16th birthday in August of 1871. He appears here to me to be anywhere between 13 and 15 years of age.

[Barbara Ward Note: Hi John, My cousin Annie Ford Wheeler in Birmingham sent me some pictures today, what she thought were old Lester photos. Well, one was a family portrait of William J. Smith, Mary Jane, and son Robert Isom!! It is in an oval frame and looks like it might have been taken right before she died (in 1871). Son Robert looks about 15 years old. I compared the pictures on page 24A & B. William is wearing the same suit and Mary Jane has what looks like the same pair of earrings on! I am going to send the original to Barbara Smith in Texas. I don't know if Roy's family had a photo of his grandfather as a young boy.]