D.L.I.S.W. April-December 1970

Defense Language Institute of the South West

40-Year Reunion
St. Louis
4-5 June 2010

30-week Class, Biggs Field, Fort Bliss, TX

Details: Contact Levi.

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Ong mot: "Ong bi hu, phai khong?"
Ong hai: "Khong. Toi khong bi hu."
Ong mot: "Thi, hu bi ong?"
Here are the names we have from the class and the data on each. We think this is everyone, but feel free to e.mail us with any corrections, additions, updates, or educated guesses--thanks!
Page updated 6 Jan 2010
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OK = contact established and confirmed 22
or 96%
(*) = location confirmed and contact attempted 0
or 0%
(*?) = location possibly known and contact attempted 1
or 04%
UNKNOWN  = We don't have a clue. 0
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  List of email addresses:

Last Known State?
Updates and Comments
Steve Allen
. 812 Arege
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314)-878-7174 Unknown .
Paul Alleruzzo
Naples, Florida Paul's phone numbers are 513-378-2909 and 513-398-1634 -- address Mason OH and Naples FL
Long Binh? John,
Paul's current address and email.
4311 Towneside Ct
Mason, OH 45040
John Campbell
Jeanne Lock Doctor
506 South 10th Street
Independence, Kansas  67333
(620)-331-8815 Saigon As for me and mine--I stayed in the oil business until the mid-80s when the domestic oil business collapsed. Jeanne (same wife as in 1970) didn't want to go overseas, so I did other things. Ultimately I got into locksmithing and now specialize in safes. I do repairs etc., as well as open them when they break or the owner forgets the combination--hence the screen name.

We have two kids. Our daughter (29) is in the San Francisco area, gainfully employed, etc. Our son (22) is back with us right now, but is getting ready to move to California to go to flight school--wants to be a pilot.

Our life has had some interesting turns, but we have been blessed with good health and are very happy. Jeanne and I are active in our church, and we are very comfortable with our prospects for the long term.

Who in the world? 

Alan Collet OK . . . Unknown .
Jack Deveney OK . . . Da Nang? .
Henry Divis OK . . . .
Bill Elliott
Rosemarie 146 Chatfield Circle
Goose Creek, SC 29445
. Saigon Rosemarie and I have had a very "nomadic" life. We have lived in NJ, NY (3 times), MD, NM, and TX as I moved to different locations with AAFES, the DOD agency that operates the BXs and PXs. I even did a year in Greenland! It gave us and our family a chance to see and experience life throughout the US. 

We have 2 sons, Scott, 30, who manages a Cracker Barrel restaurant in NY, and Chris, 26, who works for GE in Houston, and 1 grandson, Jordan, who is 2. We "retired" to the Charleston, SC, area in 2000 but have not given up work. 

Life has been good.

Darrell Esala
Ruth 35624 Quiet Waters Dr.
Ottertail, MN 56571
(218)-367-2496 Da Nang et al
From: "esala"
Date: December 2, 2003
Subject: 5-30-70 News

I just retired this last summer after over 29 years with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, so I can use the excuse that I'm so busy in retirement that that I can't keep up with my email.  I was mainly in sales and marketing for my career at Blue Cross.  With the constant changes in the industry I'm glad to be out and retired.
My wife of 28 years, Rosey, and I live on a lake in northern Minnesota.  Right now it's frozen with about 8 inches of ice and people are out on the lake ice fishing.  Soon there'll be enough ice that cars, trucks and other assorted vehicles will be traveling across the lake.  We also have a home in a retirement community in Lakeland, Fla. and after Christmas we'll be heading there for the winter.
In retirement I've been doing some construction, carpentry and painting.  For hobbies I do some gardening, fishing, jogging and working out.  We also spend (and did spend) a good bit of our time watching our kids play sports - although with them in college now it's tougher.  When they were younger I coached traveling girl's basketball,  traveling hockey and youth baseball.  Kids sports were a busy time of our lives when the kids were young.
Rosey was a Lutheran school teacher and now is working as a substitute teacher to give her the flexibility of being able to travel and go to Florida for the winter.
Our daughter, Ruth, is 23 and living in southern California.  She graduated from Concordia University in Irvine, Ca. with a degree in Sports Management and played 4 years of basketball there.  Now she's working on getting her teaching credentials and also is an assistant women's basketball coach at Concordia.
Our son, Nick, is 21 and a junior at Concordia College in Moorhead, Mn.  He's majoring in pre-med biology and plays shortstop on the Concordia baseball team.  While we're in Fla. we'll get to see him and his team on their spring trip to play in Fla.
We also get to L.A. quite a bit to see our daughter and usually try to connect with Dan Hanket while out in southern Ca.  We also look forward to the visits from Al and Linda Strauss on their infrequent trips to North Dakota.
Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!  Rosey and I would love to get together with the old 5-30-70 class!!
Hoa Binh!!

From: "Darrell Esala" <dresalaateotdotcom>

Date: April 15, 2008 8:14:33 AM MDT
To: "John Gwin" <jmcdgwin@zianet.com>
Subject: Fw: picture

I'm attaching a picture of me with one of our ARVN interpreters taken outside a Buddist temple in Hoi An (south of DaNang).  Picture is in summer of 71.  [see photos page] We were there interrogating at a Chu Hoi camp.  Eddie Powers was the only other one from our interrogation class stationed there with me in DaNang.
I got Straus' email and a reunion would be great!  I've kept in contact with Al and Dan Hanket thru the years.
Life now finds me retired after 30 years with Blue Cross Blue Shield in Minnesota.  My wife, Rosey, and I winter in Lakeland, Fl and summer in No Mn  at our lake home.  My time is taken up with golf and working on the golf course here where we live in Lakeland.  Our daughter is 27, married and teaching school in Merced, Ca and our son is 25 and in his 3rd yr of medical school.
Keep warm!
John Gorman
. California? . Nha Trang? .
John Gwin "Gwingo"
Sharon 1845 Anderson Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88001
(505)-522-2171 Saigon I went back to school (NMSU, Las Cruces) on the GI Bill and became a secondary English teacher in the Las Cruces Public Schools.  I'm now in my 33rd year of teaching, having recently taken a position at White Sands Missile Range Middle School. I shop at the PX where Bill Elliott used to be manager.  In fact, his and Rosemarie's son graduated from NMSU a year apart from our son--small world! It's too bad neither of us knew the other was here.

In 1976, a girl I'd known for ten years, also from WV, said yes, she'd marry me! An elementary teacher, Sharon's now a 25-plus-year veteran in the local Christian school where all three of our kids graduated.

Our son Jeremy (b. 1978) is an Albuquerque civil engineer who married our newest family member, Kara, in Jun 2006, a 4th-year med student at UNM. Our older daughter Charity (b. 1980) got her degree in English and journalism and is now in India, married to our "second son" Beau Pihlaja (b. 1979) who is teaching in a seminary there; they're the parents of our fifth grandson, Asher Samuel, born Sep 2008. Our baby, Sarah (b. 1981), still here in LC, finished her education degree in Dec 2004 at NMSU in Early Childhood Development; she's the curriculum specialist for an early childhood learning center and married to "third son" Jason Johnson (b. 1977), a radar tech at WSMR--their sons, J.D., Jr., (b. Feb 2003), Ryan (b. Sep 2004), Tate (b. Mar 2006), and Zachery (b. May 2008) are the first four of our five grandchildren. 

All of us are active in our various churches. Much more info is on my website: www.zianet.com/jmcdgwin.

Spiraling clockwise from top center: Kara, John, Charity, Beau, Jason,
Jeremy, Sarah, Tate, Sharon, J.D., and Ryan. Not pictured: Zach, Asher.

Updated Jun 2008--Photo taken Dec 2006
Dominic J. Hanket 
. 4345 Countrymeadow St.
Moorpark, CA

4890 Arlington Centre Boulevard, Columbus, OH 43220
(805)-529-9425 Quang Tri After Nam, Dan worked for the state of Ohio a couple of years and then went to law school in Columbus. After working for the State of Ohio as an environmental attorney for 13 years, he took a job with then Martin Marietta Corp. which eventually merged with Lockheed Corp. Upon the merger, Dan took a job in sunny California in 1995 and has remained there ever since. With a respite from the law (job market, the economy, etc.), Dan is now working as a substitute teacher for special needs students in Ventura County. Dan is single with many family still back in the Columbus area.

Note that my address has changed.   Back from California and now working for the City of Columbus - doing the usual gig--environmental compliance.  My address is 4890 Arlington Centre Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43220.

Count me in for 2010 in St. Louis.  Hope all are well.

Who in the world?

Dmytro Iwanuszko
. Tucson . Long Binh? Look who's here! 

Dear John,

I think this is the first time I've written a "Dear John" e-mail. Hey, how ya doin'? Amazing what one encounters when typing 'iwanuszko' into a search engine!!
DLISW, wow, haven't thought about that acronym in a few years. Hey, I'm in Southern California right now; will be in Oklahoma in July. If there is going to be a reunion, put your electronic nib to screen and let me know. I'm flexible---like a good hobo should be.

Dmytro Iwanuszko

26 Jul 2005:
Hi family, friends, DLISW alumni and Cabrillo Village people, 

Have moved to Tucson,
3493 Lind Road, Apt 222, Tucson., AZ  85716
Drop in if you need a cool place to crash in.

Larry Johnson
. Lakeview, MN
as of ca. 1996 
. Da Nang? .
Ken Marquard
. 3140 Sw 22nd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 
(305) 237-3371
(954) 321-8931
Long Binh Works at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida--I talked to Ken today, 27 Sep 2004, after I found him through the Miami Dade College website. He and Paul Alleruzzo were stationed together at Long Binh near HQ there. He was in SaiGon often and has many pictures of the city. Give him an e.mail--let him hear from you!

From: "Marquard, Kenneth" <kmarquaratmdcdotedu>
Date: Wed Sep 29, 2004 
To: "John Gwin" <jmcdgwin@zianet.com>
Subject: RE: Welcome back!

Thank you very much for getting back with the website.  Both Jan (my wife) and I had a great time seeing many of you and learning about your lives.  You may remember that Jan and I lived off base, so were not quite as connected to the group as those who lived together on the base.  We have been together for almost 40 years and married for almost 36.  We have no children, but I, too, was a special education teacher for many years, so our lives have been surrounded by children.  Actually I have taught every grade and worked with infants and toddlers as well.  We have lived in the Bahamas, and eventually I became a special education administrator in the Cayman Islands.  Although we loved island life, we eventually moved back to Florida where we had lived before I went in the service (we grew up in Connecticut).  I eventually received my doctorate in special education and reading at the University of Miami where I remained as an educational researcher for many years.  Currently I am Director of Disability Services at Miami Dade College, and Jan is Coordinator of Deaf Services since she has been a sign language interpreter.  We live in Fort Lauderdale and have had a wonderful and happy life.  We have had the privilege of caring for my father for several years until he passed away in 2000 (he became my child) and now care for my mother-in-law who is doing well at 89.

While we lived on Nations Avenue in El Paso, we lived next to a couple, and the husband was in the German Air Force at the base.  We became good friends, traveled together all the time, and kept in touch for many years, and I did hear from them a few years ago.  Also, while we were still in El Paso, Jan and I started studying the Bible, and when we returned to Florida, we continued and eventually became Jehovah's Witnesses.  So I have really had two lives, one as a teacher and one as a minister. 

While it seems that many of you were assigned to Military Intelligence, Paul Alleruzzo and I were found to have such incredible talent that we were sent to Clerk School at Fort Knox, and I got to experience the coldest and most miserable winter of my life typing my digits off.  I also got in big trouble because I snuck off base to live with Jan and eventually got caught (Paul also lived off base with his family but was smart enough not to get caught).  I ran into Paul a few times while we were stationed at Long Binh, but we did not keep in touch after that.  While I was pretty depressed in Viet Nam, I did get to know many Vietnamese, and they treated me like family the whole time I was there.  Although I got assigned as a clerk at Headquarters, which was like a resort to me, with the downsizing, I ended up assigning officers into combat units, so after all these years I still have that on my mind.

I have no memory of the Vietnamese language now and have put that part of my life far behind me, but after you called, I realized how much I would really like to see all of you again.  I have never attended any of my high school class reunions and have just turned down my 40th, but if I can, I would like to do this.

I do believe that I have some pictures from our class, and I am sure that I still have slides of Saigon (but not sure what condition they are in).  It will take me a while to get these out, but I will send them along as soon as I can.

My best to you and all the guys,

Walter Mittelstaedt
. 1405 W. Olive
Bloomington, IL 61701
. Da Nang? .
Steve Montiel
. 2033 Cloverfield Blvd., Apt. C, Santa Monica, CA 90404
(213)-743-4997 Stars and Stripes
University of Southern California
Steve Montiel, Director, Institute for Justice and Journalism
USC Annenberg School for Communication
300 South Grand Avenue, Suite 3950
Los Angeles CA 90071-3175
Tel: (213) 437-4404
Fax: (213) 437-4424

STEVE MONTIEL, the director of USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism, is a veteran journalist and educator who began his career in 1967 at The Arizona Daily Star and worked for several news organizations during the ensuing years: The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and the Vietnam Bureau of Pacific Stars and Stripes. He also served as a spokesman for the 1984 Olympic Games, a foundation executive, and political campaign press secretary. 

He is a co-founder of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education which has worked to increase racial and cultural diversity in the news since 1976. He was the institute's president and chief executive officer for 12 years, from September 1988 to September 2000. 

Montiel was a deputy press secretary for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee from 1982 through 1984 and the campaign press secretary for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in his successful re-election race in 1985. He was part of the first staff of the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles, created with surplus funds from the 1984 Olympic Games. He was vice-president for communications at the Amateur Athletic Foundation when he left to head the Oakland-based Maynard Institute. 

In addition to the Maynard Institute Board of Directors, Montiel serves on the boards of the California Council for the Humanities and the California First Amendment Coalition. He is a member of the California Chicano News Media Association, which he first joined in 1972. Montiel graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in journalism in 1969 and taught there as an assistant professor of journalism from 1979 to 1981.

Dave Pergolino "Pergoloins" OK Susan
New York
. Chu Lai? From: Littlepergataoldotcom
Date: April 2, 2007 8:43:06 AM MDT
To: jmcdgwin@zianet.com
Subject: David Pergolino

Hi John,
My daughter found this site while searching the Internet. I am doing fine. I am happily living in New York with my wife Susan and two children. I currently own my own coin business. Now that I am aware of the site, I will check regularly for updates on everybody.
If you need any information for the web page, please feel free to contact me.
Good to hear from you,
David Pergolino
John Powers
Merry 17272 Bergen Circle
Tustin, CA.  92780
(714)-544-2414  Beach in SoCal????
From: JohnP216ataoldotcom
Date: April 12, 2008 9:02:42 AM MDT
To: JMcDGwin@zianet.com
Subject: Re: No Subject

Merry and I are still married after 37 years. I'm teaching at Cal State Fullerton in the English Department. I plan to retire next year.
I have an art gallery and a studio near my house where I do my printmaking.
I haven't seen anyone from the group since about 1973. I think about those days often. It is hard to believe that those young men in the pictures are now in their sixties and have lived an entire lifetime since those days in El Paso.
I'll dig up the pictures and get them to you.
Bennie Romero * . Denver, CO
. Chu Lai?

From the page at:

Education: BA; MA, Community College Admin

Occupation: Teacher, College Administrator - Retired

Family: single

John Shannon
Home (941) 697-7939

Mobile (941) 830-0760

From: "lindainarizonaatjunodotcom"
Date: July 18, 2008
To: aloysstraussatmsndotcom
Subject: What Are they going to do....Send us to Viet Nam?

Hello Everyone
I am back from the "dead" and glad to
have information about all of you.
May sound dumb but I have attached a
resume to help tell you where I've been
since Nam.
I added some pictures of my wife Linda
and me.  Some of you will remember her
from the original trip to St. Louis way back when.
Best to all and glad to hear from you and
thanks to Levi for finding me.   John
P.S.  I'm back at work again; retirement was
too boring.  Working for Special Operations
Command in Tampa, FL. Oops, now I got to
kill all of you since everything is "Secret and
Black".  Got more passwords and security
codes than I can remember.
Hope everyone is doing OK.

Resume Summary
•    35 Years of Proven DoD and Industry Executive and Senior Program Management and Program Life Cycle Logistics Management Experience
•    Planning, Execution and Profit/Loss Responsibility for Major Elements of Multi-Billion Dollar DoD Acquisition Programs (Army CH-47D, AH-64A/D, OH-58D and Navy H-1)
•    As Director, Boeing, Increased Apache Logistics Support Revenue from $75M to $150M and Margins by 600% in Three Years
•    As Executive Director, Bell Helicopter, Led New Navy ILS&T Program Development ($100 M Annually); Concurrently Maintained Existing $100+M After Market Sales
•    As Director, Camber, Prepared and Directed Multiple Task Orders; Served as Senior Consultant to Army Logistics Business Process Re-engineering Strategy
•    World Class Expert in the Synergistic Integration of Multiple Logistics Support Disciplines, Program Life Cycle Management and Performance Based Logistics (PBL)
•    Consistently Increased Sales and Exceeded Customer Expectations through Application of Innovative, Cost Effective Solutions to Complex Product Support Challenges
•    Extensive Experience Developing Strategies/Proposals; Tailoring Logistics Services and Implementing Supply Chain Management Solutions for International Customers
•    Demonstrated Ability to Maximize Performance of Multi-discipline Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) and Prime/Subcontractor Teams
•    Selected Department of Army Civilian of the Year for Exceptional Achievement
•    B.S. Physics, St. Ambrose University
•    M.A. Business Administration, Webster University
•    DoD Program Managers Course, Defense Acquisition University (DAU)
•    Boeing Executive Program, Boeing Leadership Center
Professional Experience
2005 – 2007    Executive Director, Bell Helicopter, Ft. Worth, TX
2003 – 2005    Director, Camber Corporation, Huntsville, AL
1995 – 2003    Director, Aerospace Support, The Boeing Company, Mesa, AZ
1993 – 1995    Project Manager, Program Executive Office Aviation, St. Louis, MO
1990 – 1993    Deputy Project Manager, Program Executive Office Aviation, St. Louis, MO
1987 – 1990    Division Manager, Program Executive Office Aviation, St. Louis, MO
1972 – 1987    Various Supervisory and Leadership Positions, US Army, St. Louis, MO

Dennis Smith
Linda 433 Brookview
Talladega, AL 35160
(256)-315-0171 Long Binh?
Linda and I have four children:  Melanie, 32, Environmental Scientist in Atlanta; David, 30, owns Southern Steel Processors in Montgomery, AL; Daniel, 25, living in Atlanta and working at Turner Field; and Mark, 19, still at home and in college.

After Nam, I went back to school and got three Masters while working for the State of Alabama.  I lost my sight in 1998 and retired that same year after 26 and one-half years with the State Employment Service.  During those years I taught college part time, wrote a weekly outdoor column for the local
newspaper, and fished bass tournaments.

Since retirement, Linda and I have completed the Master Gardener Program, traveled the USA and Canada playing in blind golf tournaments, built custom computers, and generally enjoyed life.

I'm currently national Secretary and Webmaster for the American Blind and Disabled Golf Association (www.abdga.org) and playing golf every chance I get.

It would be great to see everyone again.  I hope we can get a reunion together.

Aloys Strauss 
Linda 412 Sunnybrook
Oshkosh, WI 54904
(920)-235-0644 Unknown hello all from levi the barber,
  What a wonderful surprise to hear from John Campbell early one morning recently.  Gosh it only took a few seconds to recognize that voice and to think of everyone from the class of 5-30-70.  I am excited to hear of the possibility and unless a death or major family function such as a wedding, my wife and I will definitely plan to be there.  Incidentally, it was Campbell who asked me if I still cut hair--thus the title Levi the barber. Almost forgot about that.  Sure kept Esala trimmed just enough so he didn't look like those damn sheeps. Baa baa.  Remember that Lousianna dipshit Sgt--now tomorrow we are going to clean the classrooms--it is required attendance and absolutely no excuses--Now is there anyone who can't make it?  What a dumb shit.

  Anyway suppose this is the proper time to fill you all in on what has happened to Al Strauss since El Paso and Ft Hood.  Went to Vietnam and they lost my security clearance--tough to be in MI--which by the way is an oxymoron--so I was in Saigon for about a month cleaning shitholes and fixing floors, etc.  Esala came down once on a currier run from Da Nang and did we get --ed up.  Then got stationed at a camp just outside of Tan Son Nhut airbase for the next several months.  Flew up to Da Nang for in country R+R to see Johnson, Esala, Eddy from Ft. Hood, etc.  Got an early out end of Oct so was only in country 7 months. 

Returned to North Dakota to school--for early out purposes and then went out to Wisconsin to get on with life.  Worked construction for a year and then went back to college and got a Social Work degree.  I thought it meant working socials--I was always much better at that--organizing fun things you know--like softball teams--pizza at Shakey's etc.  Anyway, worked 20 years with mentally retarded adults--the last 10 were involved in marketing wood products we manufactured for the craft industry and sold to majors like Ben Franklin, Hobby Lobby, Shopko, etc.  Was enjoyable but got to be a lot of traveling so in 1994 I went to work for a major furniture retailer in Wisconsin and have enjoyed much success the last 10 years--with no traveling.  A few more years of selling America's popular home furnishings and I hope to hang it up.

 In 1976 I married Linda Rank from Appleton, Wis.  Went together about 4 years and she finally gave me the ultimatum to sh t or get off the pot.  I did.  She is a great lady and puts up with me which isn't always easy.  Linda has done child care for the last 27 years.  It allowed her to be home with our children as they grew up and has been great.  She also owned her own craft business--in home--for several years but that starts getting old with the need to travel as well.  We have 3 great children--no longer kids.  Tia is a 25 year old graphic designer who is currently establishing her own business here in Oshkosh.  A challenge but one I'm sure she will be very successful at.  Not married but somewhat serious.  She owns her own home in Oshkosh.  Son Judd is 21 and a junior at UW-Green Bay studying theater.  The next Jim Carrey--at least he thinks so.  And son Zach is 19 and also a student at UWGB.  At this point as a freshman he is mainly taking up space--and girls--lots of girls.  He is the chip off the old block.  Talk to Zach and he'll talk for hours--

  We've lived in Oshkosh since I finished up school here in 1974.  It's a great place as is the Fox Valley area.  Johnson, Esala, and Hanket have visited here, and Linda and I get to see Esalas every couple of years as we pass thru Minnesota to North Dakota.  My mother lives up the street from us in an assisted living facility since 2000, so I don't go back to ND very often anymore and so less chance to stay at Esala's.

  Well, I've rambled on a bit here--but am excited about the possibilty of a 2005 reunion.  I'd love to hear from anyone--Dennis it was great to hear from you--sorry to hear about your blindness--what I want to know is who keeps score on the golfcourse? Hey, remember going fishing outside of Ft. Hood?  Man the stories will fly if we all get together.  Campbell--thanks for calling me, and let me know if I can be of any assistance.  If there are any mispellings--too bad.  Hope to hear from anyone--Strauss

Gary Underwood
. 13116 Highway 80, # 199
El Cajon, CA 92021
(619)-561-7654 . Said he stayed in M.I., but sat out the war in SC.
Ong hai:  "(Toi khong biet tai sao ong da noi do...)"

From: diane kinslow <medsearch7 at optonline dot net>
Date: February 29, 2008
To: jmcdgwin@zianet.com
Subject: 519

I was surprised to find your website. I was in 4-47-69 at DLISC, as it was known then.
I was in the 519th from Jan 70 to Aug 70. I started law school two weeks after I left.
I had forgotten who crowded the area in front of the entrance was. My room was on the second floor in the interior. The area around our compound was exactly as described, but there were a lot worse places to spend a tour.
You may not have known this, but in a small apartment near our compound lived two of our instructors, Ong Giong and his wife Ba No. He was kicked out of the US shortly after my graduation for currency violations. He befriended several of us and suggested that he could introduce us to his nieces, and we could pick up a nice dowery if one of us would marry one of them. It seemed like an entirely appropriate way to begin law school, but I passed on it.

Ted Ronca (sp5, esq. and a few other things)



ALLEN            stlcriticataoldotcom,

ALLERUZZO        mlmiller62atgmaildotcom,

CAMPBELL             nosafe2tufataoldotcom,

COLLET              dfacoatmchsidotcom,

DEVENEY              jackdeveneyatsbcglobaldotnet,

DIVIS                mbdivisatgmaildotcom

ELLIOTT            elliottbratbellsouthdotnet,

ESALA            dresalaateotdotcom,

GORMAN              equilon1ataoldotcom,

GWIN                jmcdgwinatzianetdotcom,

HANKET              dhanketatcolumbus.rrdotcom,

IWANUSKO           iwanuszkoatyahoodotcom,

JOHNSON            gogoldylwjataoldotcom

MARQUARD        spuddy2atmacdotcom,

MITTELSTAEDT        waltermittelstaedtatyahoodotcom

MONTIEL            smontielatuscdotedu,

PERGOLINO          norwoodcoinataoldotcom,

POWERS            johnp216ataoldotcom,

ROMERO            ____________________

SHANNON            lindainarizonaatjunodotcom,

SMITH              dennisgsmithatcharterdotnet,

UNDERWOOD           ugaryathotmaildotcom,